Franchisors will get better leads in 2016 with these programs

Franchisors get better leads in 2016 with these two programs.


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Make a a measurable impact on your bottom line, risk free.

Don’t spend another year paying for expensive internet leads only to waste your time combing through unqualified, saturated candidates.
Through the FBA & Zoracle partnership franchisors can gain access to two programs that, when combined, identify their franchise’s top performer and have those results automatically matched with the thousands of potential candidates of the Franchise Brokers of the FBA.
There has never been a system like this ever before and now is the time to take advantage of these exciting programs.

1. What is the Top Performer Blueprint from Zoracle?

Zoracle will compare demographics to psychometrics. Through their research they will compare demographic markers including investment, years in business, market, franchise stage of growth, food, service, multi-unit, single-unit, retail, and non-retail to psychographic markers including values, work style, competencies, and emotional intelligence. Then they will use their Zoracle SpotOn! Profile and overlap Franchise Business Review’s Satisfaction Survey results.
Our goal is to uncover correlations not seen before and potentially debunk some long-standing myths. We are interested in providing hard data so you may recruit high performing franchisees in your market niche. Last year Zoracle had 580 top performing franchisees participate. This year we are expanding the size and scope and want you to participate!
Top Performer Blueprint is FREE until the end of the year! The retail value is between $1,500 and $6,000. Discover the metrics and facts about the your top performers too so that you can find qualified candidates who ramp up faster, validate better, and work best with your system.

2. Join FBA For FREE? How does that work?

It’s just like it sounds – you can join the FBA with a free trial today for up to 3 months. After signing up you’ll be able to build your profile and be listed on our site. Our Franchisor relations department will review it and make it live once it’s approved! If you choose to upgrade within your trial period and sign up for a package the remainder of your trial will convert to your chosen package.
After signing up with your free trial we’re confident you’ll see why you would want to choose a franchisor member package. Membership benefits go well beyond simply listing your concept with our Association.
You’ll have direct access to highly trained and motivated franchise consultants and participate in an open and collaborative community of franchise professionals.

3. How will my Top Performer Blueprint be used to help promote my brand to FBA Consultants?

Over the past few months the FBA has been working with its strategic partners to change how Franchise Consultants run their business. Together, we’re rolling out an integrated system that uses the FBA’s database of franchisors and the results of their Top Performer Blueprint to automatically present matching concepts to our Franchise Consultants. They are then armed with the full arsenal of your blueprint and can better engage and assist them in their introductions to you.
There’s absolutely nothing to lose by signing up for the Top Performer Blueprint and Joining the most innovative Franchise Broker group there is.


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