FBA Brokers continue to close even more Tutor Doctor deals in June

FBA Brokers Continue to Close Tutor Doctor Deals. And We Are Not Surprised.


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Tutor Doctor continues to be a solid, low-cost investment in an industry that only continues to grow.  With 20 years’ experience in the industry, Tutor Doctor is one of the leading brands bringing one-to-one supplementary education to students and adults nationwide.

Charles Gnomes, a client of FBA Broker Bernie Mindorff, realized he was ready for a change in his career as an independent sales agent in real estate and banking. Upon being introduced to the Tutor Doctor concept, Charles could readily relate to the business model and service offering.  He recognized the Tutor Doctor concept as a way for him to build his next great business, as well as make a difference in his community.

But Charles desire to become a Tutor Doctor franchisee did not come without its challenges.  When he applied for an SBA loan to help fund the business, he was told that he did not qualify.  So what now?  Charles’ tenacity and desire to own his own Tutor Doctor franchise spurred his entrepreneurial spirit even more so he turned to his local community for help. We’re pleased to share that a local investment group within Charles’ community stepped up to the plate and helped Charles make his dream come true.

Congratulations to Charles for joining the Tutor Doctor franchise family and to Bernie for assisting his client in finding the perfect fit for him and his family!


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