Bryan Driscoll, Office Manager

Bryan Driscoll
Office Manager

Hi! I’m Bryan

I joined the FBA in May of 2017.

Education: JD, Barry University School of Law / BA, Loyola University Chicago.

Experience: I have spent over a decade working in operations and management. This experience, combined with my legal background, provides me a unique perspective. I bring all of this to the FBA where I am excited to learn and grow with the team.

Born: Fort Wayne, Chicago

Lived: Fort Wayne; Chicago; Orlando

Traveled: Ireland; Canada; Mexico; 39 of 50 US States

Hobbies & Interests: Reading, writing, wine. I also love all things Chicago sports: Bears, Bulls and Cubs! I have been an avid golfer much of my life and enjoy every moment I can spend at the range or on the course.

Favorite Foods: Shrimp. Steak.

Ask me about the numerous nights I’ve spent below the rim at the Grand Canyon. Once you get a few feet below the rim, the non-hiking tourists cease to exist. You only come across fellow hikers and those are rare. It is simply you and the Canyon where you can easily find yourself standing in one spot, awestruck for many minutes taking in the many different views just one spot can offer. With each trip, I am awed by the beauty of the Canyon.