FBA Releases Marketing Roadmap


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This month during out Monday Mentoring Forum the FBA released a new and exciting tool to our members.  This remarkable tool further streamlines our franchise brokers processes and goals and builds a customized Marketing Plan to generate leads and grow their businesses.
It’s called the Marketing Roadmap.
This tool utilizes a simple quiz to prioritize activities, serve up useful documents and trainings. These are taken directly from our companies extensive Resource Center and serves it up in an easy to follow checklist.
What makes the new Marketing Roadmap so special is that it is based on YOUR strengths.
For instance, lets say that you’re great at the local networking event but have NO idea how to use Social Media.  The new tool will give you a list of action items with associated costs to grow your business with your existing Networking strengths. It also provides a list of useful documents and trainings to help you get prepared for those events.
On the other side of your immediate action items is your personal development. The Roadmap also will know that you’re not comfortable with Social Media. As a result it will provide you with a series of trainings specifically designed to help you develop you in that topic.
Since the Roadmap is based on a simple quiz you can update your answers at any time. Doing so will produce an updated Roadmap with all new strategies!
The resources themselves have always been available through our Members website. Since 2008 we have been developing resources to help our franchise brokers grow their business and accomplish their tasks faster. To date we have hundreds of hours of trainings from industry professionals of every type of business imaginable in addition to sales and franchise legal training.
The new Marketing Roadmap simply saves time and draws out exactly what you’re looking for. This will integrate with all our existing resources and any resources we add in the future. With the Marketing Roadmap you get the resources to the right people at the right time.
Here at the FBA we are excited about this because it takes the tribal knowledge our support staff has and allows it to be accessed via this tool. No matter what’s going on you’ll know exactly what to do to run your business and get those franchise deals popping right out of training.


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