Franchisors: Last Call to Discover Your Top Performer for 2016

Last Call for Free Top Performer Blueprint in 2015


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What do FBA, Zoracle & MaaS Pros all have to do with one another? While we’re all completely different companies we share similar values and are all like-minded. Each company has a strong commitment to go above and beyond to help our clients achieve their goals. Our strategies usually involve looking deep into what’s needed and developing innovative solutions to accomplish these goals.
Together, we have resolved to unite our strengths to solve the challenge that face franchise professionals today: acquiring targeted and engaged leads within the franchise industry.
We understand that a change is occurring in today’s market and that there is a better way than the traditional method of a “pay-per-lead” model. Our goal is to take away the burden of sifting through the costly waves of unqualified leads and instead be able to easily and scientifically match the right candidates with the right model.
FBA’s focus lies in providing the best in franchise consultant training, tools and support, and MaaS Pros creates technologies that help entrepreneurs and small businesses see their goals and dreams succeed.
Zoracle integrates five statistically validated sciences to determine a candidate’s correct franchise fit. It’s important for you, as a franchisor, to know that many of the franchise consultants within the FBA are already taking advantage of the SpotOn! tool to evaluate their clients. They find it an invaluable tool that helps them gain key insights into what franchises are the best fit, and the data to prove why that is.
In addition, FBA franchise brokers are already using MaaS Pros’ CRM/marketing automation system, TieiT, which has been customized to specifically suit their needs.
What this means is, all you need to do is take advantage of this temporarily free program and become enrolled in the suite of participating franchise concepts. What have you got to lose?
We want to encourage you, as franchisors, to embrace the idea that there is a new way to grow your business. Those that do will be on the cutting edge. They will get the most exposure to be able to equip a network of franchise consultants to find them better candidates, and likely close deals with their ideal candidate.
Imagine a situation where you have full insight into precisely WHO you’re looking for. Then you will be able to arm an entire army of motivated franchise consultants to find those people for you.

How Will We Do This?

Accomplishing this goal begins with integration of our software and and the Top Performer Blueprint information obtained by our participating franchisors. With this information we are able to take Spot On! assessments already being run by FBA franchise brokers and automatically cross-reference these participating franchisors all directly through TieiT.
From the franchise broker’s point of view this takes the guess work out of searching for concepts. They are armed with powerful information to approach the client. This process may also introduce a broker to a franchise concept they may not know that much about.
As a franchisor, from your perspective you will be provided with candidates that match your ideal Top Performer. This in turn can save you time in validation, support, and turnover. You can feel confident that your decision to take on that new franchisee will lead to positive results.
We simply need a modest amount of involvement from you, the franchisors, to have your franchisees take a 10-minute assessment. Then you’d work directly with Rebecca Monet from Zoracle to provide her with some of your key metrics as to how you gauge success among your franchisees. Franchisors simply signup before the end of 2015, and complete the research before the end of February 2016, and it’s absolutely free.
The implications of using a system like this are exciting, but it requires participation of both the franchisor and broker to fully realize it.
Brokers are already using it. Franchisors are already using it AND getting great results from it. Sign up today.
Still not convinced? Click here to register for our webinar this Thursday at 1pm ET and learn more or ask your questions.


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