New Franchise Broker & Advisory Board Member Corey Elias Chats About Early Success

FBA franchise advisory board member


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From Corporate America to Franchise Broker Freedom

advisory board member

Corey Elias has been in many sales roles, and as a new franchise broker, brings a unique perspective as an FBA Advisory Board member. We sat down with Corey to chat with him about his background in corporate America and how he came to join the world of franchise brokering. As the founder and franchise consultant within his business, Franchise Captain, Corey began franchise brokering in summer 2018 after garnering experience at the Franchise Training Institute. He believes that being a newer – yet successful – broker in the industry offers a unique perspective to brokers just starting out.

How has FBA affected your career since joining the association?

“[Joining FBA] resulted in getting the best job I’ve ever had. I’ve loved it, and it’s been such a great fit for everything I think and feel. I’ve wanted to help others, and this job allows me to do that.”

What is your background?

“I’ve always be a consultative sales person. I was working as a Director in Corporate America with a lot of small businesses, and have the passion for the ins and outs of small business. I started a property management company on the side, and found financial independence there, which is what I help my clients find. My wife and I began running a dance studio years ago and I was able to escape Corporate America and follow my passion, helping individuals find their own financial independence.”

How did FTI help prepare you for franchise brokering?

“This is my first-time franchise brokering, and I couldn’t be in business without the tools I have available to me through FBA. The biggest tool for me personally was mentoring. The training through FTI gave me confidence to make phone calls, but mentoring would help me to create the franchise presentations that helped close my first deals.”

How do you feel your experience may benefit FBA members (brokers and zors) as an advisory board member?

“I have held executive roles in companies focused on helping small businesses along with owning several businesses myself. Being newer into the industry, but bringing years of Corporate and business ownership experience, gives me a fresh perspective. I am able to relate to the new brokers just starting out in the industry as well as the clients we all serve.”

Name one project or success in your broker career that stands out to you, and why.

“Not one particular project stands out – they are all great stories. I love my clients, and I’m so happy for all of them. It is a risk to start a business and it is not for everyone. The clients who have moved forward have overcome that fear and taken the step to become captains of their own ship. Finding a great fit for a client and watching them succeed makes for a pretty great story. “

What advice do you have for new franchise brokers?

“The best advice is to listen to and love your clients. Truly find what is best for them. Referral deals from other clients are the best types of deals. I feel like I have something great to offer to every potential client that has interest in their own business.”

Anything you would like to add?

“There are a lot of tools available with FBA and Franchise Grade, use all those to your advantage. Also, I am excited to learn from all the great senior brokers that are on the advisory board.”

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