Congratulations to FBA Broker and Neighborly Brands’ Window Genie on their latest Franchisee!


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New Window Genie Franchisee in Omaha, Nebraska

Lindsey Sharpe is a West Texas oil man. Though he lives in Omaha, he spends two weeks “on” followed by two weeks “off” at home. The back-and-forth routine has been killing his energy and social life. Over a year ago, he engaged FBA broker Cary Schneider to help find the perfect franchise fit.

Dan Glaser, the lead Window Genie developer for Neighborly, met Cary while taking an IFA class together. They enjoyed knocking out continuing ed hours so much that they scheduled lunch and formed a real relationship. When Cary told Dan about Lindsey’s unique situation, they both agreed Window Genie would provide the executive business model, family-friendly schedule, and high potential margins that Lindsey was seeking

Lindsey’s first call with Dan was February 19; just 41 days later, the contracts were inked. Lindsey is using an SBA loan to fund his franchise fee and is excited to reclaim his life and financial future.

“Cary and I had very good frick and frack,” Glaser said. “We were in complete lock-step the entire time. I was very glad to meet Cary at that IFA class…maybe I should go more often!”


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