Meet Scenthound: a revolutionary new pet franchise that focuses on wellness


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Finally. A Membership-Based Business Model That Keeps Dogs Feeling, Smelling & Looking Good (and their humans happy too) Nationwide!

Are you ready for this?  Did you know that over 63 million households in the United States own least one dog, making them the most widely owned pet across the U.S. at this time?  Wow!  This is a staggering number and one that is contributing to the ever-growing U.S. pet industry which is anticipated to exceed a staggering $269.9 billion by 2025, according to a recent research report.

So, what is contributing to this tremendous growth in the pet-care industry?  Several things.  For one, millennials are delaying starting a family and have turned to pet-ownership for companionship.  Second, people have started considering pets as an irreplaceable member of their family; thus, they tend to invest more in pet care services to pamper and protect their pets.  And lastly, during times such as COVID-19 where social distancing has become a new way of life, there has been an increase in pet ownership for companionship and this trend is only anticipated to grow. 

The Scenthound Solution.

Dogs require routine grooming to stay clean, comfortable, and healthy.  A clean, healthy pup gets more love and snuggles, which is good for dogs and their humans alike!  And this is where Scenthound comes in with their win-win solution.

Scenthound is revolutionizing the pet-care industry with its unique wellness-focused, membership-model service that provides dog owners a fast, easy, and affordable way to keep their beloved dogs clean and healthy.  So how can this be?  Well, the “secret to Scenthound’s success” lies in the fact that 8 of the 10 most popular breeds in the United States don’t require haircuts (which is what traditional groomers focus on)… but every dog needs regular essential care such as bathing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and tooth brushing. And that’s exactly what Scenthound focuses on.

So, whether you have quick errand to run to the grocery store or are dropping the kids off to school, Scenthound’s business model is designed to get your pup looking and feeling good during these brief outings… usually in 30 mins or less!

Here is a quick look at what a Scenthound membership-package looks like:

Scenthound Membership Model Franchise

Bottom line.  You pick a basic monthly Clean Club membership, choose what option(s) best fit you and your dogs’ needs at each visit, and Scenthound will do the rest.

So Why Scenthound?

With 21 units awarded in its initial 13 months of franchising, Scenthound is becoming known as the #nextbigthing in franchising and has been named by Entrepreneur Magazine as a “2020 Franchise of the Future”.  And that is exactly what is drawing entrepreneurs from across the nation to invest in Scenthound.

Here is what makes Scenthound so unique and special:

  • Services the huge recession-proof US pet industry (projected to be $95B in 2020)
  • Has proven to be pandemic-resistant & Amazon-resistant
  • Is a recurring revenue model + transactional revenue
  • Is first-of-its-kind, focused on health and routine maintenance; has no direct competition
  • Has strong branding and brand position
  • Is a low investment/high-profit potential
  • Only requires a small retail footprint (1,000 to 1,200 square feet)
  • Is scalable and allows for multi-unit ownership
  • Is an emerging brand with 15 years of dog grooming industry success
  • Can be owner-operated OR absentee/passive owner
  • Is a GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY…with no sold-out territories… yet!

So, who is investing in Scenthound to date and why?  That is a great question and one that will pleasantly surprise you.  Of course, Scenthound loves dog-loving owners but this is not a requirement. They’re looking for strong business-minded professionals who have experience leading teams. Investors to date range from husband/wife teams to a father/son duo to a single C-Level executive and more.  And given its low investment level, Scenthound is off and running with single unit, 3-pack, and 5-pack investors from the onset of launching their franchise system. Bottom line… Scenthound’s business model is designed for almost anyone!

Here is an inside look at a few of Scenthound’s most recent investors over the past few months:

Meet Mariano.  Mariano will be bringing 5 (yes, 5) locations to South Miami FL. A late-40’s corporate financial executive, he was looking forward from his 20-year career with an international Fortune 500 organization. As Mariano explored various opportunities in the pet industry, he found Scenthound to be the best fit for him and his family from a work/life balance perspective, level of investment, and ability to be in on the ground floor of a dynamic, growing franchise.

Meet Matt & Fred.  A dynamic father/son duo making history as Scenthound’s first franchise owners west of the Mississippi. Matt earned both a J.D. and marketing degree but wanted to control his destiny as a business owner and he knew there would not be a second chance to be first in his community.  As a high-level corporate finance professional, Fred evaluated the numbers every which way and gave the big “thumbs up”.  They will be bringing 3 Scenthound locations to Las Vegas, NV soon!

Meet Doug:  A 35-year financial systems and process improvement veteran who left his corporate job in mid-2019 in search of an opportunity that he could “believe in” for the next chapter of his career.  Something fresh… a new business that had high market demand and little to no competition.  And that just what Scenthound provided.  While signing his franchise agreement, Doug declared, “I haven’t been this excited about a career choice since college!”

The Investment

If you are ambitious, have leadership and team-building experience, and can appreciate being an “early adopter” of a ground floor opportunity in a recession-proof industry, then Scenthound might be the perfect investment for you.

Minimum financial requirements include $75k liquid cash and a $300k minimum net worth. Total investment range: $205,400 – $379,400 (average investment is $275k) includes a franchise fee of $49,900 for a single unit.

If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to be a Scenthound franchise owner, you can reach out to us here  or visit Scenthound online at //

Author: Stacie Shannon, Fusion Franchising….  Your dog-loving author/owner of Miles!


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