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Become an FBA Member and You Will

Tap Into our Brokers & Clients

  • Premium Placement on the FBA Members Site
  • Connect with Franchise Brokers
  • Easily share important news, files and videos
  • Internal social network keeps your brand top of mind

Promote & Market Your Franchise

  • Featured in articles, social posts & newsletters
  • Marketing Blueprint & Compatibility Summary
  • E-Blasts
  • Record On-Demand Webinars

Network Online and In-Person

  • Meet Franchise Brokers in your area
  • Attend mentoring sessions and Broker sales meetings
  • Access to attend Annual Conference & Expo
  • Account Manager to assist you

Why FBA Franchise Brokers?

Franchise Brokers Who Follow a Comprehensive Process

FBA Franchise Brokers have been vetted and then thoroughly trained (200+hours) on every step of the franchise sales process. Our goal is when a Broker brings you potential franchisee they will already be educated about your brand and ready to move forward. You can feel confident that the Broker you work with will get you the information you need and be available to foster productive communication.

  • You will save time and money sourcing quality franchisees
  • Work with Franchise Brokers who actually earn their commissions
  • Keep the process moving with meaningful and productive communication
  • Gain insight and trust of potential franchisees

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Multi-Channel Networking Online & In-Person

Establish Long-Term Relationships With Reliable Partners

Growing a franchise really starts to accelerate when you establish relationships with several Brokers who truly understand your concept and can get others excited about it. Our system allows you to easily meet and communicate with seasoned Franchise Brokers around the country and even internationally. You can also target Brokers in a specific area. These relationships are invaluable to the growth of your brand.

  • Meet and work with Franchise Brokers nationally or in a specific location
  • Keep your franchise top-of-mind with "LinkedIn" style networking
  • Big discounts for our Annual Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL
  • Get detailed statistics of engagement on your listing & find out who is looking

Marketing & Promotion of your Franchise

Get Your Brand in Front Of Brokers and Potential Franchisees

Premium FBA Member Benefit

As a Featured Concept within our system your brand will be prominently displayed on pages and search results throughout the site. In addition, your logo and public profile will also appear across hundreds of Brokers’ sites all over the internet. At the FBA, our marketing team will write featured articles on your brand to promote important information or to highlight a success story of a recent deal closing. These articles are then shared across a variety of channels to Franchise Brokers and potential franchisees.

  • We'll market your franchise with featured articles and newsletter mentions
  • Continual promotion across a variety of social media platforms
  • Targeted announcements & eblasts to the broker membership
  • Be matched with a Franchise Broker in the area you're looking to grow

Grow Your Franchise Smarter

We Identify and Target Your Ideal Franchisee

Premium FBA Member Benefit

Our program allows us to analyze your existing franchisees and discover trends amongst your top performers. Using this information enables our Brokers to perfectly match clients to aligning franchises. This allows you as the franchisor to determine franchisee compatibility and predict their performance.

  • Detailed analysis of your concept gives our Brokers important insights to help them sell
  • Identify your concepts' ideal franchisee & top performer profile
  • We help create a Marketing Blueprint for your concept
  • Proactively assess the saleability of your FDD

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