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Purchasing a franchise is often one of the largest expenses and important decisions a family will make. The challenge is that there are thousands of opportunities out there! And the right choice to match your personal and financial goals are typically not the franchise brands you are thinking about. A lot of the established brands are over-saturated, very expensive, and don’t give you the ROI you think that they would.

So how do you discover what are the best options for you and get the real information so that you can make an informed decision? The answer really is simple. You use a Franchise Broker.

Best of all, this is a free service to you; you will pay the same amount for your franchise and there is no obligation. They are compensated by the franchisor and paid only when you are confident enough in your decision and are awarded the franchise.

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Why Use a Franchise Broker?

There are many ways that FBA Brokers assist their clients throughout the entire process of finding your dream franchise.

Everything from helping you find which funding option is best for you, to demographics research, helping to discover “red flags” in the FDD, negotiating a better deal, and simply being an advocate for you throughout the entire process.

Just by working with an FBA Broker you can be assured that you will be assisted by an associate of the highest character. Every Member of the FBA has been professionally trained to serve as a Franchise Broker, must have an impressive background, are given background checks, and are personally vetted by the management at FBA. In addition, each member of the Association must abide by a code of conduct.

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Is Franchising Right For You?

When you choose to be a business owner you have two options. Build your own, or purchase a franchise. By selecting a franchise you’re saving yourself countless hours of time, money, and frustration.

You are able to immediately tap into a business that has already invested in systems and costly trial and error. You’re walking into a business in which you’ll have the support of a team of people who are prepared and knowledgeable on how to help.

There are thousands of franchise opportunities available. Some are brand new, having been franchising less than a year, others have decades of industry and franchising experience (some have even been successful in the industry for years but have just made their business model available via franchising).

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How Working With an FBA Franchise Broker Will Help You Get a Franchise

Our Process Begins Here. Contact Us Today to Begin Your Journey to Franchise Ownership.

1. Start Franchise Shopping

One of the first things you do as you are going through the franchise selection process is to do a little bit of shopping. You have to know what is for sale before you can even begin to start assessing what is right for you.

First, we want to know what kind of industry is really the best fit for what you want to achieve.

Objectives of Business
What are your objectives for this business? Define what you want out of the business.

Passions – Enjoyment – Lifestyle
We live in a great time. There are so many options. You literally can get exactly what you want.

2. Acquire Funding
  • What do you qualify for?
  • What is in your price range?
  • What is going keep you comfortable in the start-up phase?

We never want to overextend you. Our goal is to prepare you for success all the way through the life of your business – not just at the beginning.

One of the ways that investors are able to grow their assets faster is by leveraging. We want to start the funding process to be able to give you the option to leverage with other people’s money.

3. Compare Your Options

Now that we know what industry best suits you and in the industry are, we need to compare them to one another.

When comparing your options you establish a reference point to make a confident selection.

Through this process, we look at each of the concept’s growth, track record, retention, competition, costs, etc.

At the end of this step, you will have a clear picture of which concepts are the movers and shakers and those which fit you and your personal goals.

4. Prepare Yourself

Preparation is key. During this step, you will be armed with valuable information and essential tools. As a Franchise Consultant, I spend all day, every day looking at and assessing franchises. I have developed numerous systems to prepare you.

The first step is educating you on how to get the information you need to assess the concept. A lot of franchisors don’t give you the information you need to assess the financial opportunity. I will ensure that you get that information.

We have a huge library of tools to help you with every step of the selection process.

5. Franchisor Introductions

When we have narrowed your selections down to those that meet your personal goals and those who have proven to be a strong business it is time to introduce you to them.

Our consulting group has established relationships with hundreds of concepts and know the best people to speak with.

The goal of introducing you is to see if both you and the concept are a good fit.

After this meeting you’ll have a much better picture of how you see the concept and if you’d like to proceed.

6. Due Diligence

Research the franchise in great detail. Below are a few of the key steps I will guide you through.

Investigate the History
All franchises & business opportunities are regulated and have to disclose their history.

Experiencing the Franchise
We arrange for you to go see actual franchisees and experience the concept first hand.

Talk to Franchisees
Hear directly from others who have bought into the system to discover their thoughts on the opportunity.

Find out Numbers
How much can I make and how quickly can I make it?

7. Franchise Award

Getting the Franchise to say YES to you!

Because the franchise is a business in itself and they are trusting their system to the care of each franchisee, the franchisor has a process that will determine if you are a good fit for them.

This is important to their business to ensure they will be successful in the long term and that they are only bringing the best candidates into their business.

Our goal with this step is to work with you and ensure that you have everything you need to impress the franchisor on the things that they are looking for.

8. Become a Franchise Owner

Then comes the reward!

At this point you have completed your research, selected and analyzed numerous concepts and decided on the best fit for you.

Because you have qualified for all the hurdles that are set before you and impressed the franchisor you have been brought into a growing business.

Now you are in complete control over your financial future and have all the support and guidance of a successful system and team.

Congratulations! You did it.