What Are You Missing In Your Franchise Brokering Business?

Most are shocked to learn just how much they were not given.

Here are a few ways we help to create high-quality Franchise Brokers

Extensive Training Programs: 5-Week Launch & 6-Month Mentoring

Time-Saving Technology Needed For Managing Affluent Clients

Huge Library of Franchises
With the Most Data Anywhere

Network and Grow With Other Ethical Brokers & Franchisors

Our Focus & Commitment to Our Members is to Focus on These 4 Pillars

  • Keep 100% of your commission
  • Technology - Exceptional technology for the NON-tech professional
  • Scalability - Because a good business should always have equity
  • Support - Running a business requires support. We are yours
  • Transparency - Being honest and clear is the only appropriate answer

Franchise Database - FLS Featuring 700+ Concepts

Our FLS is an easy to navigate tool that puts hundreds of franchise concepts at the fingers of our Broker members. Each franchise listing is composed of over 110 data points. This data is then able to be searched and used by our brokers to build powerful presentations and concept comparisons for their clients.

  • Quickly search, find and vet hundreds of franchise systems
  • Access powerful tools that save you time and give you a competitive advantage
  • Cut through the marketing materials and get the real track record of a franchise
  • Multiple ways to view, sort and present franchises

CRM, Marketing & Sales Platform - TieiT

If you are handling any amount of volume with this business you need a sophisticated system to help you manage your accounts properly. This must include automated marketing functionality to stay in touch with your loyal clients and prospects.

  • Reduce significant administrative functions
  • Stay extremely organized and deliver on your promises
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Advanced Training - FTI 5-Week Program & Ongoing Certification

Since our founding in 2008, we have continually made training a cornerstone of our business model. Year after year we analyze and improve our coursework, systems, and methods. This has allowed us to develop a unique and powerful program that helps our Brokers to launch quickly and confidently into the business. Our goal as a company is to have all our Brokers out there SELLING GOOD FRANCHISES.

  • We have a hands-on, high-touch approach where we partner, launch, and grow their business with them
  • Franchise Brokers from ALL skill levels and experience find great value in our training - YES, even top producers
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Client & Franchise Compatibility Assessments - Zoracle Profiles

The SpotOn! Profile provides an in-depth view of your prospective franchisee so you can make informed decisions regarding their compatibility and potential for performance.

The tool provides insights no singular profile, survey, algorithm or assessment can, and has changed the way in which Franchisor Brokers are able to match their clients with “the perfect fit.”

  • Takes only a few minutes to complete
  • Scientifically be able to prove to your clients which concepts are a good fit

10th Annual International Franchise Broker Conference & Expo

Any business expense should have enough financial value to be worth doing. Our members consistently attend year, after year after year. Meeting other Franchise Brokers and Franchisors face-to-face allows our members to solidify old relationships while developing new ones. When those relationships are with high-quality people it makes these events profitable.

  • Quality certification programs and educational opportunities
  • Creative networking opportunities make the experience fun and rewarding
  • You get to go write off traveling to Orlando, Florida

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