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  • Access to Advanced Training at Member Pricing
  • Group Insurance & E&O

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Paul Segreto, Chief Development Officer
2016 FBA International Franchise Brokers Association Expo.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Business

FBA Membership
Benefits & Access to

Your CRM +Marketing +Automation

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Who is the Franchise Brokers Association and the Franchise Training Insitute?

The FBA Is an organization filled with, and recruiting, highly talented and experienced professionals. Our members have at least ten years of executive business history and use their experience to help place others into rewarding businesses.

The Franchise Broker opportunity is a growing and exciting business, with a rewarding lifestyle consisting of working with top franchise companies and helping their clients achieve control of their lives and dreams. In order to join the FBA we require that you attend our training with the Franchise Training Institute, a registered business opportunity, either at our office in Orlando, FL or remotely via our live virtual classroom training.

Advanced & Connected Technologies

Focused on Increasing Productivity & Performance

Technology is a core foundation of the FBA. We have consistently invested a tremendous amount of capital, resources and time to ensure that our technology is the best.

This core value enables us to deliver consistent innovation to our membership. To this end, we have chosen to build strategic partnerships with a few like-minded and driven companies.

Working together, on a single mission, we continually strive to deliver and innovate new features for our members.

(FLS) FranLink System
The MLS for Franchise Sales Professionals

The FLS is a robust system that allows you to conduct accurate and specific franchise research on behalf of your candidates.

Using this system, you are able to find and match your client to the perfect franchise. In addition, you can create and download customized presentations within seconds.

We put a large focus on speed & efficiency. When you get answers instantly, and you can take those answers directly to your clients in the form of professional materials you increase your credibility.

TieiT System
Everything in One Place: CRM+Marketing+Automation

A powerful, easy-to-use marketing automation and sales platform customized for franchise sales to help take your business to the next level.
Available features include:

  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Tracking
  • SMS Marketing
  • Invoicing
  • Content Development
  • Managed Services
  • and more…
Zoracle SpotOn! Profiles
Science-based assessment tools to solve franchisee recruitment

The SpotOn! Profile provides an in-depth view of your prospective franchisee so you can make informed decisions regarding their compatibility and potential for performance.

SpotOn! is NOT a personality test. Instead, they use a scientific meta-analysis approach.

Results are based on the following:

Values, Stages of Growth, Culture, Work Style, Business Skills, Sales Style, Business Path and Emotional & Social Intelligence Assessments.

Benefits of FBA Membership

Exclusive Programs

(CFB) Certified Franchise Broker Program

Comprehensive training programs for franchise sales professionals. Each course is focused on growing your bottom line and increasing your potential as a Franchise Broker.

Scalability & Equity

Move beyond a standard Franchise Consultant model and tap into exclusive programs to develop your very own Franchise Brokerage Firm.

Publicity & Recognition

Leverage your brand and tap into the FBA’s regular cycle of press releases, podcasts, blog articles & social posts.

9th Annual Intl. Conference & Franchise Expo

More than a Franchise Expo, the Conference is our annual event to bring together the franchise community to train, support and connect our members with real-world workshops, networking opportunities and CFB trainings that will make a measurable difference in your business.

Profit Mastery University Online

Training & Resale Opportunities with Profit Mastery University (PMU) online. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to help your business achieve financial success.

Discount Pricing

Being a Member with FBA qualifies you for discounts on the Franchise Training Institute’s courses and workshops. In addition, you’ll gain access to a specialized version of TieiT, at a discounted rate, designed specifically for FBA Franchise Brokers.

Technology & Innovation

Franchise Education & Presentations

Hundreds of hours of recorded webinars and weekly live hosted presentations from franchisors.

Time-Saving Tools

Our site features numerous tools to assist you at all stages of awarding a franchise, including research, matching, due diligence, registration, presentation, follow-up and invoicing.

Customized Comparison Reports

Size up the options with a customized comparison report on your chosen franchise concepts. You can even browse franchises with your own custom comparison view directly within our FLS.

Branded Materials

Easily add your personal branding, photos, bios and information to your system generated franchise presentations and materials.

Franchise Resale Listings

Access to a living list of franchise resales through a specialized Resale FLS. Inventory is added and maintained by FBA Franchisors and solicited for new/updated listing by our dedicated Franchisor Relations team.

Franchise Community

FBA is focused on community and communication. With our Connect system, you can easily reach out to other franchise professionals anywhere in the world.

Resource Center

Each of our hundreds of documents, links, videos and scripts are meticulously tagged / categorized to quickly give you exactly what you’re looking for when you need it.

Mobile Friendly

All our tools and members site are mobile friendly allowing you to run your business from anywhere! All you need is a smartphone and the internet.

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