Bring Rejuvenation to Bathrooms Everywhere, with the Re-Bath Franchise

Do you like to relax? Most people do, so picture this… After a long, exhausting day at work, you come home, eager for some much-needed relaxation. You step into your bathroom, hoping for a soothing retreat from reality, but instead, you're greeted by an uninspiring space with outdated fixtures that don't exactly scream "retreat."  You […]
Written by Kourtney Kopp on May 23, 2023
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Do you like to relax?

Most people do, so picture this…

After a long, exhausting day at work, you come home, eager for some much-needed relaxation.

You step into your bathroom, hoping for a soothing retreat from reality, but instead, you're greeted by an uninspiring space with outdated fixtures that don't exactly scream "retreat." 

You think, “When was the last time we remodeled? If ever?

It feels like just another bland room, lacking the ambiance you need to truly unwind.

Now, imagine the same scenario, but this time, as you enter your bathroom, it's a Re-Bath remodeled sanctuary.

Every inch of the space has been thoughtfully designed and tailored to your preference. The soothing colors, modern fixtures, and elegant touches transform the room into a calming haven where you can effortlessly decompress from the day's stresses. It’s exactly what you chose.

How many people do you know–yourself included–that could benefit from an oasis like this?

In our fast-paced, high-intensity world, we all need a place to just unwind - and a beautifully remodeled bathroom can make all the difference.

But not only that, a bathroom is more than a room - it's where you start and end your day.

This is where the Re-Bath franchise comes in, addressing the growing demand for personalized, comfortable spaces in our homes.

A Rise in the Remodeling Industry

A wave of potential is rising in the bathroom remodeling industry in the United States, which is just one reason why it's an exciting time to become a Re-Bath franchise owner.

The market is positively booming, as homeowners across the nation seek to revitalize their bathrooms with contemporary designs, custom features, and upgraded fixtures. The thrill of transformation, while adding value to your home through renovations, has fueled an ever-growing demand - a demand that Re-Bath, a national name brand in the bathroom remodeling industry, is uniquely positioned to meet.

You might be wondering, what's driving this surge in remodeling spending? Here are a few key factors:

  1. Increasing home prices. As property values rise, homeowners are more inclined to invest in enhancing their living spaces through remodeling. 
  2. Limited housing stock and high moving costs. Rather than buying a new home, many homeowners choose to reinvest in their current homes, making them more comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Aging-in-place. Seasoned homeowners are undertaking remodeling projects to make their homes more accessible and comfortable as they age.
  4. Aging housing stock. Over half of the homes in the U.S. were built before the 1970s. As these homes age, the demand for remodeling naturally increases.
  5. Rental property upgrades. Following the housing crisis of 2008-2011, rental demand surged, leading landlords to invest in property improvements to attract and retain tenants.

Now, imagine aligning yourself with a brand that not only recognizes these trends but is a leading force in the bathroom remodeling space. That's Re-Bath.

Now, think back to a time when you had to remodel a part of your home. Wasn't it comforting to have professionals you could trust? With over 120 franchises nationwide and a track record of thousands of satisfied customers since 1991, Re-Bath stands as a beacon of trust, quality, and unparalleled customer service in the industry.

From bathroom design and installation to plumbing and fixtures, Re-Bath franchises offer a comprehensive range of services. Ready to learn about them?

Re-Bath Franchise: A Transformative Business Model

Before we dive into the business model, can we all agree that the “perfect oasis” is different for everyone?

What’s needed is a service that not only recognizes a client's different tastes, but also provides guidance and designs tailored to their unique preferences. A brand with options!

Re-Bath has made its mark by helping homeowners create their dream bathrooms, even when they don't know precisely what they're looking for. See, not everyone is a home designer - and even people who are, or at least have an eye for design, don’t always have the time it takes to do it right. 

The brand’s innovative approach to bathroom remodeling combines a streamlined process, exceptional customer service, and top-quality products, all while maintaining affordability for homeowners.

And here's the big selling point for buyers of the brand and the service: Re-Bath's four step process - from design to done in just one week.

A main reason some people put off remodeling is the disruption it causes to their lives and sacred spaces. But with a remodel done in a week or less, that hassle is no longer an issue. 

Imagine having an incredibly quick turnaround for your dream bathroom, with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

The numbers don’t lie - in 2020, Americans spent $419 billion on remodeling projects, and currently 31% of homeowners are planning a bathroom remodel. Now is the time to get into the industry, so let’s take a look at ways owners generate revenue with this large pool of future clients.

How Re-Bath Owners Generate Revenue in More Ways Than One

It’s no surprise that owners of the Re-Bath franchise will generate revenue one primary way - their comprehensive, hassle-free bathroom remodeling service.

We summarized that service in five steps for you.

  1. In-Home Consultation: Tailored advice and a no-obligation quote.
  2. Free Custom Design: Personalized design coordination within buyer’s budget.
  3. Removal & Preparation: Preparing the home and removing the old bathroom.
  4. Professional Installation: Quick and efficient installation of client’s new bathroom.
  5. Post Care and Warranty: Continued care, including workmanship and product warranties.

You may think that a remodeling project–especially one specializing in bathrooms–is a one-time service. And it usually is. However, when your client’s friends and family come over to see their new installation, they too might find some inspiration for their own remodels after seeing what your company can do! So it’s through good service and referrals that you as an owner are able to maintain strong relationships and clientele.

Secondary revenue streams can include individual services such as partial remodels, replacements, or updates. For instance, a homeowner might be content with their current bathroom layout but may want to replace an outdated tub or shower. Additionally, people tend to have more than one bathroom in their home. This provides an opportunity for homeowners to renovate more than just the master bath.

The potential for seasonal or recurring revenue isn't something to overlook either. As the years roll by, homeowners' needs and preferences can change, as can trends in interior design. This offers franchise owners the potential for repeat business, whether it's a minor update or a complete transformation. In this scenario, the ‘one time service’ from any one client may not be the case, as in a few years a past client could hire you again for these updates.

It’s not far-fetched for people to want to try on plenty of different faucets (so to speak) to find the right one. 

Equipping Franchise Owners for Success

Navigating the world of bathroom remodeling can seem overwhelming, especially if you come from a white-collar background with little experience in the industry. However, Re-Bath is here to assure you that their comprehensive training and support system will prepare you for success, no matter your prior experience.

The brand’s training program is tailored to cover every aspect of the business. The pre-opening training sessions begin within 30 days of signing the Franchise Agreement, with remote Business Plan Training that helps you create a solid foundation for your franchise. Following this, you'll participate in Sales Training and Installation Training, ensuring you have the expertise to manage your teams and provide excellent customer service.

Re-Bath also provides franchise owners with a wealth of marketing resources and tools, such as customizable templates for advertising materials, marketing automation, and dedicated support from the corporate marketing team. This ensures consistent branding and helps franchise owners develop and refine their marketing strategies to maximize ROI.

Want to Join the Re-Bath Franchise Family?

Becoming a part of the Re-Bath family is an exciting opportunity for anyone who appreciates the intersection of business and design. The process is designed to be straightforward and transparent, setting clear expectations from the start.

Ideal candidates for a Re-Bath franchise come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share some common traits that set them up for success. For example, successful franchise owners are often strong managers who excel at building and leading teams.

Could you see yourself guiding your crew through a seamless bathroom remodel, ensuring the project stays on schedule and exceeds the client's expectations?

They also either possess or are willing to develop strong sales skills or lead a powerful sales team. This might involve a franchise owner confidently presenting the benefits of a Re-Bath remodel to potential clients, conveying the value of the experience they're offering, and ultimately closing the deal.

A commitment to excellence and customer service is another crucial trait. This could be demonstrated by a franchise owner who goes above and beyond to address any client concerns, ensuring a positive remodeling experience from start to finish.

If you're reading this and thinking, "Yes, this is me! I could do this," then it's time to explore the costs of owning a Re-Bath franchise and see if this opportunity aligns with your budget. 

The Cost of Owning a Re-Bath Franchise

This is a large opportunity. To put it in perspective, the top Re-Bath franchise owner did over 28 million, according to the 2022 FDD. Because of this, the franchise system will be looking for good owners who are capable of managing a large business - so in a sense, they are selective.

Here are the costs associated with becoming a Re-Bath franchise owner:

  • Initial investment range: $220,275 to $569,625**
  • Liquid capital needed: $150,000
  • Net worth requirement: $300,000
  • Minimum credit score: 690+
  • 3rd-party financing available

**Please note that start-up costs may be significantly lower if you opt to add a Re-Bath franchise to your existing business or if you are considering converting your existing business to the Re-Bath brand. Additionally, these numbers may vary based on specific locations, warehouse/showroom sizes, technologies, additional advertising costs, type of vehicle, and vehicle advertising.

Re-Bath offers three investment options to fit your preferences and your market:

  1. Start a business from scratch: If you're ready to start fresh and build a business from the ground up, Re-Bath will help you every step of the way with comprehensive training, ongoing support, and national and local marketing.
  2. Grow a current remodeling business: If you have a home improvement or remodeling business and are looking to expand your service offerings, the addition of Re-Bath may be the perfect fit.
  3. Convert a home services business to a Re-Bath franchise: If you own an existing bathroom remodeling company and are ready to have access to national resources and comprehensive support, converting your business to a Re-Bath offers an exciting opportunity.

It’s important to note that not all franchises allow existing business to convert into the brand. When they do, it’s because they either have negotiated certain rates that make this more profitable or they have such a streamlined system that the business owner can do much more business when they use this model. 

Transform Your Future with Re-Bath

The world of bathroom remodeling presents a remarkable opportunity for entrepreneurs who are ready to make a splash in this thriving industry. Re-Bath, with its national presence, established reputation, and comprehensive support, is the perfect partner to help you navigate and succeed in this market.

Again, imagine walking out of a client's home, knowing that the bathroom remodel you've just completed will be their sanctuary, a place where they can unwind and recharge after a long day. By transforming their bathroom, you're not only enhancing their living space but also making a positive impact on their lives, even if it seems small at first.

Seemingly small changes accumulate over time, resulting in significant improvements in people's overall well-being. You are a part of that.

The ideal owner for Re-Bath is a skilled manager, a strong salesperson or team leader, and is committed to excellence in customer service. By embracing these qualities, you'll be well-positioned to take advantage of the rapidly growing bathroom remodeling market and make a meaningful impact on your customers' lives.

If you're passionate about the potential in this industry and eager to join the Re-Bath family, there's no better time to dive in. With the guidance of a franchise broker and the support of the Re-Bath team, you'll be able to navigate the journey towards business ownership with confidence and clarity.

Find the best franchise opportunity for you: https://www.franchiseba.com/find-franchises/

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