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When you sign up today, you’ll receive custom individual assessment results on each of your franchisees.

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You’ll also receive a comprehensive report that compares and contrasts your top, mid and low performers.

Whitepaper Inclusion

Get key data delineating franchisee attributes in various franchise cultures and stages of growth.

You are invited to participate in the second annual franchisee performance research project. Last year, Zoracle had 580 top performing franchisees participate with our franchise marketing systems. This year we would like to open the research to include your top, mid, and low performers. We believe this will prove insightful as to the satisfaction, validation, retention, compatibility, and performance of franchisees and assist you in recruitment, selection, training, and support of franchisees.

New Franchise Marketing Systems Technology Automatically Matches Your Ideal Candidate With FBA Brokers’ Clients
In addition to providing you with a valuable blueprint of your top performers, as a member of the FBA your top performer analysis will be added to your company’s FLS profile. Then, as FBA Franchise Consultants have their clients complete the SpotOn! Analysis, your franchise will be automatically listed along with the percentage of compatibility!

If you're a franchise and are not taking advantage of our innovative franchise marketing systems, you’ll be missing out on a distinct advantage used by FBA Brokers to match their clients!

  • Getting started is easy and doesn't require immediate action on your part!
  • Added to FBA's Automated Enhanced Candidate Matching Systems.
  • Compare and contrast report of your top, mid, and low performers.
  • Your company’s results as compared to other companies.
  • Inclusion in overall research delineating the psychographic attributes and skills that separate top performers from mid and low performers.
  • Franchisee Performance Research whitepaper(s) will delineate, quantify, and correlate numerous influences of your candidates.

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Model. Then Replicate!

Your Top Performer Blueprint will act as your franchisee success model. Once completed your Eclipse Report will categorically compare prospective franchisees to your top performers, instantly giving you the information you need to make intelligent franchisee selection decisions. Now you’re ready to replicate!

Compatibility & Performance

We will assess your current top, mid, and low-performing franchisees based on agreed upon performance criteria and relevant assessment modules. The Top Performer Blueprint delineates and quantifies the characteristics and attributes that correlate to compatibility and performance within your franchise system and act as a gauge by which you recruit, screen, and qualify perspective franchisees.

Smart. Scientific. SpotOn!

Zoracle’s meta-analysis methodology provides insights no singular profile, survey, algorithm, or assessment can, and has changed the way in which franchisors select franchisees. Zoracle integrates five statistically validated sciences. This, combined with using both topological and dimensional scoring, helps our tools achieve greater accuracy in predicting business success.

“If you want to achieve success simply find a way to model those who have already succeeded.”

John Stanton - Professor, St. Joseph’s University