Franchise Brokers Association Welcomes FBA Advisory Board

fba advisory board


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Top Industry Brokers Form 2019-2021 FBA Advisory Board to Support Member Advancements Nationwide

The Franchise Brokers Association welcomes a brand-new advisory board comprised of five top franchise brokers in the country. The FBA advisory board members have been selected to support decisions on new products and services offered to members, and help craft the direction of the association as it grows.

“We are focusing on the member experience and requesting insights from the board on what works, doesn’t work and could be done better to make the member experience even better,” said FBA CEO Sabrina Wall.

FBA Advisory Board members include: 

Lisa Welko: Founder of Integrity Franchise Group
Adrienne Leigh: Founder of Success Franchising
Cary Schneider: Founder of Pinnacle Franchise Brokers
Jane Stein: Founder of Your Franchise is Waiting
Corey Elias: Founder of Franchise Captain 

Each FBA Advisory Board member will bring varied experience to the organization. Duties will range from organizational input to insight on new products and services designed to increase productivity for FBA members. 

New Advisory Board Member Corey Elias has experienced the positive effects of exclusive FBA resources, and is looking forward to assisting others.

“When I joined FBA, it was my first-time franchise brokering,” said Elias. “The biggest tool for me was mentoring. I couldn’t be in business without the tools FBA is able to provide.”

Jane Stein, founder of Your Franchise is Waiting, left a large Wall Street firm where she was a Certified Financial Planner for over 25 years to join the franchise broker world. She formerly provided comprehensive wealth management solutions that represented over 250 million in assets, wrote an investment column and conducted public seminars titled “Money Matters for Women” to empower women to take charge of their investments. Now she helps men and women achieve financial security through business ownership.

“I’m honored to be asked to serve on the FBA advisory board and hope to be able to contribute to the future direction of this best in class franchise organization,” said Stein.

As a multi-business owner and founder of Pinnacle Franchise Brokers, Cary Schneider looks forward to offering his years of experience to help mold the future of the FBA. 

“As an experienced franchise broker, owner of several businesses, and also a member of many boards over the years, I am excited for the opportunity to contribute to the FBA Board in their ongoing and purposeful efforts to drive industry-leading achievement and professionalism,” said Schneider. “My passion for this effort includes assisting the FBA in identifying and providing the resources of greatest impact to brokers and franchisors, to position them for unprecedented success.”

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