1-800 Radiator & A/C Under New Ownership in Buffalo with Help of FBA Broker


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1 Unit Sold
Buffalo, NY
FBA Broker:  Marc Camras

Investing in Self Equity

In September 2020,  FBA Broker Marc Camras presented FBA with a great new candidate for 1-800 Radiator & A/C’s Buffalo territory –Joseph Grimmer. For most of Grimmer’s career, he led Staples North-East sector of compliance and safety, however, Grimmer always wanted to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning his own business and building equity in himself.

Grimmer decided to take the next step to pursue his dreams, and utilized his 401(k) to fund this journey. With Grimmer’s belief in FBA’s business model, he purchased his own unit of 1-800 Radiator & A/C on January 15, 2021, with Marc’s help.

Why 1-800 Radiator & A/C?

1-800 Radiator & AC is a B2B automotive parts distributor that provides high-quality, hard-to-stock product lines to automotive repair shops nationwide. They integrate cutting-edge technology, extensive buying power, and great vendor relationships, to provide the best solution for the wholesale automotive parts industry.

They offer a proven business model that requires no automotive knowledge or background. Through the use of their proprietary technology and extensive data, they provide a simplistic process-orientated business model that anyone can be successful at.

“A big thank you to the FBA and Marc Camras for helping us close this deal,” said Adam Cunningham, Manager of Franchise Development at 1-800 Radiator & A/C. “This is our First deal with the FBA and we hope to have many more in the near future.” 

To learn more about franchising opportunities with 1-800 Radiator & A/C, visit their website.

FBA Broker: Marc Camras

Franchise Contact: Adam Cunningham

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