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Finding the ideal candidate is hard. We do that for you

With the memberships we offer, you’ll no longer have to:
Search through hundreds of unqualified leads
Present and qualify your opportunity to unqualified candidates
Provide basic franchise education to candidates
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We believe our Franchise Brokers are the best

Why? Because we train them to be that way. We provide unparalleled support, tools, and resources, so our Franchise Brokers are equipped to serve the needs of their candidates and you.

Build Your Franchise Foundation

If you want to be a successful franchise, you should begin building your team with the highest matched prospects and help from our top-notch brokers.

When combining the talent of your team with our professionally training brokers you have a robust sales team to grow your brand. The deal preparation we're offering gives you qualified candidates. This allows you to focus on bringing the best buyers into your franchise, growing your business, developing your systems, and supporting your franchisees.
Franchisor & Broker Process
Candidate, Broker & Franchisor Process

Franchisor & Broker Process

1. Align your business goals during an introductory call
2. Overview of systems and marketing strategies
3. Market for, find, and pre-qualify candidates
4.  Enjoy Introduction to quality candidates who are responsive and interested in your brand

Candidate, Broker & Franchisor Process

1st Call -  Introduction to the Franchisor
2nd Call -System/ Marketing Overview
3rd Call - FDD Disclosure & FDD Review Franchisee Validation Calls
4th Call -Final Interview
Discovery Day
Territory Selection
Finalize Agreement

We offer two packages to fit your franchise needs

Basic Package
Full Franchise Access Listing
Full Franchise Access Listing
- Full Published Listing within FBA Inventory
- Territory Check Tracking
- Broker Directory
- Access to FBA’s Marketing Dashboard
- Leaderboard + Deal Submissions
- Resource Center & Preferred Vendors List
Announcements Upon Launch
- Eblast Notifications
- Newsletter Feature
- Brand Announcements on Upcoming Webinars
- Participate in Speed Round Networking Webinar
Invitations To
- Spring Virtual PEAK Event
- Annual Conference & Expo: $500 Discount
or $1,640/year
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Referral Package
Limited Franchise Listing Access
- Published Listing within FBA Inventory
- Territory Check Tracking
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FBA’s Performance Record

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A Franchise Event like No Other
December 4th - 7th, 2022
Join us at our next conference as franchisors and brokers connect. Learn how working together as a family will transform not only the way you view the industry but the world of business.
We’re Better Together…

Every year at our annual conference we are complimented by exhibiting franchisors for our extreme professionalism and quality of broker members.

Our franchise brokers and it’s during our speed rounds, webinars, two-day virtual P.E.A.K. event, and annual conference where you can get connected with our brokers and form your franchise development partnerships.

We really are better together, and we hope to see you at our next event!
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Jason Revere
Jason Revere
February 7, 2022.
The team at FBA truly care about their partners. The training provided gives brokers the knowledge and tools to help their clients navigate the process of investing and purchasing a franchise. I'm glad that I partnered with FBA.
Medical Staffing Consultants, Inc.
Medical Staffing Consultants, Inc.
January 5, 2022.
The best pf the franchise networks!
Ron Bender
Ron Bender
January 5, 2022.
The brokers at FBA are hard-working, sincere and lots of fun! They are strong partners and share our mission to help people achieve their dreams through business ownership or employment in franchising. FBA's HQ staff are innovative, concerned and also strong partners, and they're lots of fun, too!
Greg McCartney
Greg McCartney
December 20, 2021.
The FBA has a strong culture of integrity. You can be confident that when working with a franchise broker from FBA that they are working for YOUR best interest.
Danny Ballard
Danny Ballard
December 20, 2021.
Working with the FBA is like being part of a happy, healthy family. They provide excellent service, support, training, conventions, and "great franchises", while leading with honesty and integrity. We appreciate the leadership, team approach, and the high quality people they attract to the organization.
Lauren Midgley
Lauren Midgley
December 20, 2021.
Franchise Brokers Association serves the franchise community in such a positive way. The staff at FBA are committed to excellence and serving the broker and franchisor community.
Aramis Jordan
Aramis Jordan
December 20, 2021.
Great people, great support, great companies
Vince Martinelli
Vince Martinelli
December 17, 2021.
A highly credible organization dedicated to franchising. The folks at FBA take great pride in serving franchisors, brokers and various service providers all focused on making for a seamless, educational user experience. The networking opportunities offered on their web site and annual conference are remarkable ways to stay connected to a large group of franchise professionals.

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