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Franchisor Spotlight: Senior Magazine
Since 2006, SENIOR Magazine has successfully been bringing top professionals to its targeted, local-market readers, those 50 and older with middle-to-upper level incomes.  About 70% of our production is direct mailed into the homes of middle to upper income baby boomers. It is no secret that these ...
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Researching Franchising
Interested in buying a franchise? It goes, almost, without saying that you need to research your options, do your due diligence and speak to professionals who can inform you of your upcoming investment.  With any major investment or business venture there are an overwhelming number of steps to take...
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Productive Meetings are the Best
We were lucky enough to welcome board member Eric Riess to the FBA offices on Monday.  As always, meeting with Eric was a hoot and downright productive!  We brainstormed on the upcoming second half of 2010, strategic partnerships, programs for our members, our annual convention (which will be here...
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Macro Business Capital
Mel Cooksey joined us today to present Macro Business Capital.  Mel truly has a sense for the difficulties of client financing in the Franchising industry.  Macro Business Capital provides alternative methods to get your client funding giving brokers the confidence to provide strong investment opp...
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Networking is Key
Networking is a key in building business these days.  With most everyone hesitant about spending money, most importantly not wanting to spend unnecessarily or wastefully, building relationships is the best way to make your customers and clients secure in investing in your services.  Networking all...
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Social Media Day Event
Last night's Social Media Day event had an excellent turnout.  Over 150 people RSVP'd and it looked like a majority of them were able to make it out. SPARK Brand helped organize the event, did some live blogging, and conducted some great giveaways (I so wanted those Rays tickets -- alas, I didn't w...
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