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Should I Buy a Franchise or Not?
Imagine buying a franchise, investing your hard-earned money into and then finding out, it isn’t a good franchise for you.  That happens all the time-  and for silly reasons.   Most people think of franchises as a completely perfected system so they don’t ask enough of the ri...
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All County Property Management's Story
This is a story about All County Property Management. "My client Shaun was a case of never give up, never surrender," said FBA Broker Randy Abernathy. When Randy first met Shaun in January of 2020, he had recently relocated to the area and had money from a recent house sale that he was looking to [&...
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Smash My Trash Expanding to New Regions in Texas and Louisiana
With the help of Cary Schneider of FBA, Smash My Trash is expanding to two new territories- Shreveport, Louisiana, and Longview, Texas. Smash My Trash helps businesses save money and time by compacting their waste and recyclable materials with their “smash trucks.” Equally impressive, they help ...
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The Extra Mile – 2021 Franchise Brokers Conference & GOOD Franchise Expo
Are You Willing to Give an Extra Mile to Get a More Serious Franchise Buyer? As professionals, we have an incredible gift of talking ourselves out of giving our goals “our all”.  We talk about the risks, the dangers, the conflicts, we justify, and we can build really awesome stories as to w...
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Senior Care Authority Coming to Kansas City with Help of FBA Broker
A Franchise Focused on Providing Exceptional Care to Clients and Franchisees When FBA Consultant, Chuck McKinney introduced Patrick and Tina to Senior Care Authority, they immediately felt they had found the franchise they were looking for. “From the very first phone call, my candidates could see ...
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Franchise Filming Captures Franchise Success Stories
If content is king, then video is the crown jewel. Imperative to visually telling a brand’s story, video is crucial to any basic digital marketing strategy. Franchises that have an in-house videographer are doing it right. However, it can be expensive to send video teams to individual franchise lo...
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FBA Brokers

FBA Member Spotlight: Julie Mawson
Julie's Mission: My goal is to help people get their lives back, stop making money for others and start building their own dreams of business ownership, more family time and financial freedom. Bio: I graduated from Drama School in London and moved to California to pursue a career in acting and scree...
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FBA Member Spotlight: Shawn Means
Shawn Means Franchise Connections, LLC Mission Statement: To help clients achieve their dreams & goals of purchasing a franchise business and/or expanding their existing business through creating a franchise. * To deliver the highest levels of professionalism, information, coaching and guidance ...
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FBA Member Spotlight: Al Lesko
Al's mission is to provide his clients with expert advice about the franchise industry, helping them navigate through the available data, match their lifestyle and financial requirements to the perfect franchise while maintaining the highest levels of honesty and integrity. Al's Personal Achievement...
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FBA Member Spotlight: Tom Nilsen
Thomas T. Nilsen has over 25 years leadership as a brand marketing executive for Coca-Cola, Sara Lee, Nestle, Miller/Coors, Kroger. In the most recent two years, Tom has been a 'New Age' brand promotion consultant to Fortune 500 CEOs in numerous industries. In response to the current economic climat...
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