FBA Broker Becomes Franchise Owner Alongside Childhood Friend


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2 Units Sold
San Antonio, TX
FBA Broker: Jaime Sanchez

Friends Expand Kitchen Tune-Up within Two San Antonio Territories

As an FBA broker for the past two years, Jaime Sanchez is familiar with helping his clients become their own boss. But when his best friend from elementary school brought up that he was looking for a franchise-based business partner, Jaime saw the unique opportunity to invest in the franchise model himself. The two friends began looking into options that focused on good leadership and a strong community, which were two important traits of their decision-making process. They looked at several options, however, when they came across Kitchen Tune-Up, they discovered there were two prime territories available within their area of San Antonio. They also loved the business model that Kitchen Tune-Up offered, and with all of the boxes checked – including the option for an executive model – they knew they had to pursue it.  

“Since I am also an FBA broker, I needed something that I can build out with an executive model,” Jaime said. “My business partner also has other businesses that are an owner/operator model, so this was important for both of us.” 

At the same time, his roommate from college reached out to him also wanting to invest in a franchise system. Jaime mentioned Kitchen Tune-Up to him, and the other territory available within San Antonio.  

“He was in the process himself, and we bought the franchise at the same time, not on purpose,” Jaime said. “It’s a cool team and a good community that we are building among ourselves.”

Finding Franchise System Success 

With a solid validation process and a great team behind them, Jaime felt confident that this was the right franchise fit for himself, as well as the group.  

“It is the first franchise I have bought into,” Jaime said. “Since I was the broker, the buying process was easy and smooth. It was really great working with Craig at Kitchen Tune-Up as well.”

As a franchise consultant, Jaime specializes in working with Hispanic and foreign investors. Working with his close friends and personal connections in his life – while investing in the franchise himself – became a great way of putting his FBA skills to work for himself. The group was able to attend virtual training together under one room, and were already seeing payoff before launching. 

“Within the first weeks we were already getting leads while we were in training,” said Jaime. “We finished training April 1st, and already had our first project within the first month.”

About Kitchen Tune-Up 

Kitchen Tune-Up is in the business of improving their customer’s homes through a network of dedicated and success-oriented franchises. Their system clearly lives by their tagline: “Remodeling Your Expectations.”

With an initial investment of $72,000, which includes an all-inclusive training and start-up package, their franchises are as turnkey as possible. This package includes a computer and iPad, initial training, employee hiring, and onboarding software, a 4-week online training course, the franchise fee and protected territory, and SO much more. 

Along with this all-inclusive package, Kitchen Tune-Up will provide unmatched operational and marketing support, as well as ongoining conprehensive training. 

With millions of homes in need of a “kitchen tune-up,” the opportunity is yours! Bringing their 40 years of industry experience combined with franchise expertise, they lay out a path to success for all their franchise owners. 

To learn more about Kitchen Tune-Up, check out their website here.

FBA Broker: Jaime Sanchez
(956) 517-8189

Franchise Contact: Craig Green

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