Mosquito Hunters Expands to New Territories in Jacksonville, Florida


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2 Units Sold
Jacksonville, FL
FBA Broker:  Bill Eastin

Retired Marine Corps Major Declares Battle on Mosquitoes 

After recently retiring from a long career serving as a Major in the Marine Corps, Josh was used to being consistently busy, and was not ready to give up his productive lifestyle. Josh’s wife Nicole, and his father William also recently retired and were ready to find a new venture along with him – but weren’t sure quite where to begin. They did know one issue that plagues the Florida area where they live, however – leading them to a concept that would fill a need in their region.

Living in Jacksonville, Florida, pesty mosquitos terrorize bare legs and shoulders year-round. Josh viewed this issue as an opportunity, and centered his search on mosquito control businesses. When it came to finding the right franchise, Josh enlisted the help of FBA Broker Bill Eastin to join his team to help narrow down options to a GOOD franchise opportunity for him and his family. 

Northeast Florida Offers Prime Franchise Territories 

After a thorough analysis of the franchise opportunities available in the area, Bill found that Mosquito Hunters was going to offer the family the most success. With over 100 locations nationwide, Josh and his team were thrilled when they discovered that the prime territories in their area were still available for purchase. 

Josh’s dedication to creating a solution for Northeast Florida residents, combined with the support of his family, led to their decision to move forward with Mosquito Hunters. Bill worked alongside Josh and his team through the entire purchase process, as they maneuvered through several obstacles to complete the multi-territory transaction with ease. 

Mosquito Hunters Provides Proven Model of Success 

With low startup costs and a recession-resistant business model, Mosquito Hunters offers proven methods of support and success. The ideal franchisee for Mosquito Hunters is enthusiastic about owning a seasonal business that allows for flexibility. 

To learn more about franchise opportunities with Mosquito Hunters, visit their website.

FBA Broker: Bill Eastin

Franchise Contact: Ron Ens

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