Naturals 2 Go Year End Deal Closings!

2016 Naturals 2 Go Year End Closings


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Voted as the FBA’s Business Opportunity of the Year for the last four years running, Naturals2Go is mastering the vending industry one deal at a time. With the vision to be the best in the vending industry, there’s a reason why this business opportunity is staying on top of the world with record-shattering deal closings within the FBA network. They’ve got a thing for making industry connections, working with brokers, and closing high volume deals in the process. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you guessed it. Today’s topic of discussion is about deals. Not just any deals. We’re talking closed deals with FBA Brokers! Let’s dive in to see just what Makayla Seger of Naturals2Go has to say about the superstar FBA brokers who have collaborated with the Naturals2Go brand to close quality deals this year.
Makayla says, “Working with the FBA for almost six years now has been successful for the Naturals2Go Program.  FBA business brokers bring us a candidate that is generally ten times more qualified than any other lead source.” If you’re not a believer, let’s put the magnifying glass on just how many deals FBA brokers have closed with Naturals2Go this year!
Gayle Sutton of Right Franchising has set the tone for years to come by placing qualified business owners in this reputable brand. As an FBA broker, Gayle Sutton has remained Naturals2Go’s top performing broker all year. Gayle has teamed up with Makayla at Naturals2Go to help seven clients launch their businesses with the sale of a whopping 61 machines in 2016 alone. That’s a big feat! But wait there’s more! We’ve been able to witness even more Natruals2Go deal closings from FBA brokers.
Collaborating with Scott Johnson of Naturals2Go, Will and Sherry Sapalio of Franchise Advisory Service have worked closely to successfully present the Naturals2Go opportunity to clients from all over the country.  Working together they have successfully helped seven clients launch their business and have sold a total of 46 Naturals2Go machines in 2016 to date.
Also working together with Naturals2Go, Michael Kosten, Andy Lamedman, Elaine Vakalopoulos, and Gurmet Lotey have all assisted their clients to achieve success through the Naturals2Go opportunity by selling a total of 18 machines combined.  As you can see, the FBA community of brokers are certifiably taking care of business.
Naturals2Go has got to have a secret ingredient in their business opportunity when over 140 machines are sold in a single year from one network alone.  If we’re completely transparent, all these amazing deal closings are not all attributed to our brokers but also to the amazing work ethic, service, and dedication of the Naturals2Go team to make a difference in the lives of every franchise candidate they encounter.  The Naturals2Go team has had a phenomenal year full of collaborations, partnerships, and deal closings. “We look forward to more success for the remainder of this year and next,” says Makayla. “We invite all FBA business brokers to be in touch with us to see how we can help you with your clients looking for a change and joining the WELLNESS Revolution!”
If you’re ready to be a part of the wellness revolution, learn more about the Naturals2Go opportunity and even meet their team, join them at the 8th Annual Franchise Brokers Conference and Expo in Orlando Florida!  As a matter of fact, Makayla and the Naturals2Go family is looking forward to working with you and meeting you there. Makayla says, “We are especially looking forward to seeing everyone at conference in November.”
There you have it. I business opportunity that not only has the zeal and excitement to be successful themselves but a business opportunity that cares about the success of brokers and candidates everywhere.
About the Naturals2Go Concept
With the mission to offer the very best healthy vending machine equipment and service, Naturals2Go has been assisting entrepreneurs to achieve their goals for over a quarter of a century – 30 years to be exact. They provide prospective business owners with a concept that allows them own their own businesses and gain a return on their investment in a short amount of time.