Naturals2Go Expands With Closed Deals in Three States

16 Units SoldBroomfield, Colorado, Murphy, Texas, and Sioux Falls, South DakotaFBA Brokers: Kim Marinoff, Wayne Angel, and Lisa Welko Healthy Vending in Colorado, Texas, and South Dakota Naturals2Go welcomes new owners in 3 states with 16 new healthy vending machines in operation. The first of these deals was closed in Colorado at the end of […]
Written by FBA on April 26, 2022
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16 Units Sold
Broomfield, Colorado, Murphy, Texas, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota
FBA Brokers: Kim Marinoff, Wayne Angel, and Lisa Welko

Healthy Vending in Colorado, Texas, and South Dakota

Naturals2Go welcomes new owners in 3 states with 16 new healthy vending machines in operation. The first of these deals was closed in Colorado at the end of March with the help of FBA broker Kim Marinoff. Kim coached candidates Sheila, and her son-in-law Paul, throughout the process with Naturals2Go. The new owners plan to work together with their family to operate their Naturals2Go machines. Sheila has 8 years of experience running her own short sale company, and decided she was ready to invest in a business she can control. She likes that with Naturals2Go, she has the opportunity to enjoy faster growth than the traditional investment and set up something her family can continue running in the long term. In the next two years, Sheila plans to expand with Naturals2Go even more by operating 12 machines. 

In April, FBA broker Wayne Angel closed a deal in Texas with husband and wife duo Chris and Michelle. The couple plan to run their Naturals2Go machines jointly, as Chris is heading into retirement and searching for his next venture. Chris and Michelle hope to grow their business by eventually doubling their machine ownership from 5 units to 10. They chose Naturals2Go because of the flexibility it will offer them; they will have time to travel and won’t have to worry about running their business while they’re away. Both Chris and Michelle are business-minded and love to be involved in the community, which are ideal traits for a Naturals2Go owner. 

A few days later, even more Naturals2Go machines were sold in South Dakota thanks to the help of FBA broker Lisa Welko. Lisa is a great communicator, and she used this skill to place new owner Grant with Naturals2Go. Grant purchased 4 machines and has plans to operate about 10 in the next 2 years. As a field engineer with experience in business management, Grant is great at paying attention to details. Grant loves the flexibility Naturals2Go offers, saying, “I certainly like the idea of having my own business that I can take to whatever place that I want to go. If someday I start to hate my job I will have something to fall back on and that's a great feeling.”

Proven Success with Naturals2Go

Naturals2Go operates with the goal of helping owners find a flexible opportunity that allows them the freedom to maintain the lifestyle they want. As the fastest growing, longest running, and highest rated vending business opportunity in the U.S., it is clear that Naturals2Go’s proven system really does lead to success. Naturals2Go has been creating business owners for over 30 years, educating them on what products to sell, how to operate machines, and where to place their machines to receive the most business.

Not only does Naturals2Go provide education about how to operate their machines, but they also provide owners with support through coaching and mentoring programs. Each Naturals2Go owner works with a personal success coach and experiences hands-on training that teaches them everything they need to know about Naturals2Go.

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Note: We use the term “Franchise Broker” because it is the legal term for our profession. Others in the industry use “Franchise Consultants” which they self-define. We choose to use the legal term as we feel it’s more appropriate and clear. Consultants typically charge for services. Franchise Brokers are paid by the Seller, not the Buyer. There is no charge to the Buyer for our Franchise Broker services.

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