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Business and Lifestyle: You can have both
If someone or something ever convinced you that having both a GOOD business and lifestyle was a gift for only the lucky and fortunate - forget it. In fact, 7.5 million people in the United States are living proof that having both is not only possible one day - it's possible now. What's the secret [&...
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Deep Segmentation in your Business
Are you familiar with the term deep segmentation? Sometimes better known as market segmentation - it is the strategy of dividing your target audience into smaller, more manageable categories. Deep segmentation can be broken down into four types. Demographic, geographic, psychographics, and...
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Subway's Not the Only Successful Sandwich Shop
In 1965, what started as a small sandwich shop, created as a way to help 17-year-old aspiring doctor, Fred DeLuca, pay his bills - turned into an empire brand over 55 years later. Subway seems to keep its reputation as a majorly successful sandwich shop, considering it ranks 3rd globally for the num...
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Invest in Yourself - Even in Hard Times
There are a few difficult things in this world that we all experience, regardless of country and culture. These are wars, pandemics, and economic hardships. And though these make for tough times - throughout history, we have overcome them each time. As the economy starts to slow - both here in the U...
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FBA Broker Closes Another Deal
FBA Broker Marc Camras began working with a new client who started his career as an engineer working in the energy industry. Marc’s client was interested in residential services, specifically involving building or repairing homes. The client was looking for an opportunity in which he could work wi...
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What Are the Significant Considerations in Franchising a Business?
How does franchising help a business grow? In multiple ways. Franchise ownership not only enables you to expand in numerous locations, including international ones, but also helps you enjoy new and consistent revenue streams, gain wider market share, take advantage of more brand recognition and over...
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FBA News & Events

March 6, 2020
Franchise Brokers Association Wins 2019 Franchise Award

FBA Honored for Expertise in Franchise Education Franchise Brokers Association is thrilled to announce its win of Best Franchise Education Experts in the United States. Established by Corporate Vision Magazine, the Franchise Awards celebrate international organizations within the franchise market. As a company that strives to connect entrepreneurs with their perfect franchise, we understand the […]

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December 17, 2019
Franchise Brokers Association Challenges Franchise Sales Professionals to Do Better Business in 2020

Franchise Brokers Association is challenging franchise sales professionals to improve the way they do business in 2020. FBA is asking industry professionals to take an honest look at the franchise systems they are selling and be clear about the pros and the cons in the franchise when presenting it to prospective franchise buyers.  Most consumers looking to buy franchises […]

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October 2, 2019
Michael Layman – Vice President, Federal Government Relations for the International Franchise Association – to Speak at FBCE 2019

FBA is excited to announce that Michael Layman – Vice President, Federal Government Relations for the International Franchise Association – will be speaking at this year’s Franchise Brokers Association Conference & Expo. His session will make you current on the labor and employment policy landscape – and you will hear how IFA is fighting for your business.

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September 30, 2019
Franchise Brokers Association Announces Exclusive Partnership with Franchise Grade

Franchise Brokers Association is proud to announce an official partnership with Franchise Grade, the number one authority on franchise system information.

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September 4, 2019
Franchise Brokers Association Welcomes FBA Advisory Board

The Franchise Brokers Association welcomes a brand-new advisory board comprised of five top franchise brokers in the country. The FBA advisory board members have been selected to support decisions on new products and services offered to members, and help craft the direction of the association as it grows.

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August 13, 2019
New FBA Member Portal Helps Brokers to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Designed to help franchise brokers and franchisors create an ideal match, the brand-new FBA member experience now available on the FBA website portal. The updated member site allows franchise brokers and franchisors to both save time and gather valuable data to help make the best educated decisions possible.

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Featured Posts

April 18, 2022
New Owners for Naturals2Go

10 Units SoldWalnut Creek, CAFBA Brokers: Jim Nail Scalability Attracts New Owners to Naturals2Go  Naturals2Go welcomes two new owners, Medha Chandra and Uday Kodoly, to California. The franchisees worked with FBA Broker Jim Nail, who also works as a Naturals2Go operator. Jim understands the system well and was able to walk the candidates through the […]

April 8, 2022
Global Financial Training Program: Two More Owners

Global Financial Training Program’s newest owners, Hugo and Apolonia, have the experience needed to be successful as owners in Florida. Hugo has 15 years of experience working as a mortgage broker, while Apolonia owns a prominent realty business in Florida. The partners decided to look into a business opportunity when they realized they wanted to […]

March 16, 2022
Two Sales Expand Naturals2Go Operations

Interested in what it looks like to expand Naturals2Go? Let's get into it. 19 Units SoldFoley, AL and McKinney, TXFBA Brokers: Amanda Kohler, Kevin Kohler, Wayne Angel, and Charista Baye FBA Brokers Help Expand Naturals2Go with 19 Units Sold Naturals2Go operations expand with two new owners and 19 new units in operation in Alabama and […]

March 14, 2022
Elixir Offers Innovative Recovery in Texas

1 Unit SoldHouston, TXFBA Broker: Kevin Kohler and Charista Baye Innovative Recovery Franchise Opens in the Ideal Location Elixir Muscle Recovery Centers offers innovative recovery solutions for youth sports injuries. Their new location in Houston, Texas was sold by FBA Brokers Kevin Kohler and Charista Baye from Thoughtful Franchise Brokers. Kevin helped assist the buyer […]

March 3, 2022
Mint Condition Expands With Master Franchise Sale in Houston

2 Units SoldHouston, TXFBA Broker: Jennifer and Matt Lucas Master Franchise Sale Brings FBA Brokers and Franchisee Success  With the help of FBA brokers Jennifer and Matt Lucas, the franchise is expanding in a big way with the sale of a master franchise concept in Houston. The Houston territory for Mint Condition will reach 7.1 […]

March 3, 2022
HomeSmiles to Expand Into a New State

1 Unit SoldLas Vegas, NVFBA Broker: Bob Rea FBA Broker Guides Franchise Owners to Expand HomeSmiles  HomeSmiles is excited to expand past California, Idaho, and Oregon and into their fourth state with the sale of a location in Las Vegas, Nevada. FBA Broker Bob Rea helped make this possible by guiding his client to HomeSmiles, […]

FBA Brokers

FBA Broker Assists Franchisee Bring Tutor Doctor to NY
1 Unit SoldNew YorkFBA Broker: Tamika Franklyn New Franchisee Brings His Passion for Education to Tutor Doctor Kevin, Tutor Doctor’s new franchisee, is a single father of 8-year-old twins and an elementary school vice principal in Brooklyn, New York. He began looking for a way to supplement his in...
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Global Financial Training Program Finds New Owners
1 Unit SoldMichigan FBA Broker: Jim Nail Couple Finds Their Business Opportunity Despite Territorial Constraints Global Financial Training Program’s new owner, Bill, recently relocated to upstate Michigan with his wife. Bill left his job of 30 years as an auto engineer to pursue his interest in a ...
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The Top Reason Most People Become Franchise Brokers
It’s no secret that being a franchise broker is an exciting and rewarding profession. Whether you’re helping people sell their businesses or making their dream of owning a business a reality, the brokerage profession is a career worth considering. But did you know that many people who become fra...
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Why FBA Brokers Win Buyers from Franchise Consultants All the Time
Sabrina Wall, CEO August 25, 2020 On a broker collaboration call, we had several of the franchise brokers commenting that they love finding franchise buyers who were working with other franchise consultants (their title) or franchise brokers (legal title). That seems counterintuitive. ...
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The Truth About Franchise Consultants
Sabrina Wall, CEO August 25, 2020 I was on the call with a franchise buyer the other day and he told me he was working with a franchise consultant already and that it had not been a good experience. He said the consultant seemed to be just pushing a lot of franchises at him and then […]...
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Franchise Consultant vs Broker?
Franchise brokers or consultants? If you’re interested in investing in franchising, or even owning one at some point or other, you’re going to have to know the differences between a franchise broker and franchise consultant. More often than not, people confuse a franchise broker with a franchise...
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