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Every month, the FBA puts together several public online events that give people like you the opportunity to learn about “Good Franchises” and how to make “Good Franchise” investments.

Sabrina Wall, FBA Founder and CEO, explains the FBA Events and why they matter to you as potential franchise buyer.

Good Franchise Expo

Online Virtual Franchise Expo

November 18th | 1pm - 8pm ET

These modern virtual expos are a great opportunity for you to quickly learn about a large number of “Good Franchise” brands in a traditional expo format.

Franchise Speed Rounds

Online Virtual Event twice a month

Several 5-Minute Live Franchise Presentations

These are favorite sessions from attendees. Because each franchise only has 5 minutes, you get to the most important parts of the brand- quickly which saves you time.​


Finding Good Franchises Show

Online Virtual Panel Discussion

Join a panel of franchise experts discussing franchise information relevant to prospective franchise buyers.

How our live franchise events work

You deserve quality support in a decision as big as buying a franchise. We have relationships and an established platform to bring “Good Franchises” and Good People together to assist you in getting the real story.

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Upcoming Featured Events

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  • Speed Round: October
    Semi-Passive Franchises
    October 20, 20205:30 pm – 6:30 pm
    On this speed-round we are going to learn from 7 franchise brands in rapid succession and how they are able to support semi-passive franchisee operators.
  • Finding Good Franchises Talk Show
    Episode 3: What? You're buying a franchise?
    November 5, 20205:30 pm – 6:30 pm
    Explaining your interest in buying a franchise to your family and friends. Join the panel of experts to learn about these complex conversations and how to navigate them.
  • Good Franchise Expo
    Public Franchise Expo
    November 18, 20201:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    At the Good Franchise Expo, you will get quality franchise information to have a clear understanding of the Good Franchise options for YOU and the steps needed to make your vision a reality. Register today.
  • Speed Round: November
    Love What You Do
    November 24, 20205:30 pm – 6:30 pm
    We will learn from 7 franchise brands that not only help owners to have an incredible successful business but they make sure they are fulfilled in the work they do each day.
  • Finding Good Franchises Talk Show
    Episode 4: What is the real story behind huge franchise systems?
    December 8, 20205:30 pm – 6:30 pm
    We'll also cover what the advantages and disadvantages are of empire brands so you have more clarity before you go down the path about what to look out for. Join us to get real information on what is going on behind the scenes with these brands.


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"Today’s session was great and I would certainly want to dig little further to see if I can go for a franchise option. Please add me for the webinar, you mentioned and will love to attend that."
— Kamlesh K
"Thanks for a very interesting webinar. Looking forward to working with you to explore this further!"
— Marika
"The webinar was very insightful and would like to learn more."
— David O.
"Great presentation today on franchising. I would like to get more information and register for the Webinar."
— J.B.
"Great presentation taught me a lot. You mentioned during the session that there will be a webinar."
— Rachid H.
"I attended your webinar today. Very informative. I reviewed your website during the call and noticed the ability to jump on a call for 30 minutes. I am looking for a franchise that provides a steady income but doesn't take all my personal time from my consulting business."
— Scott P.
"I enjoyed your presentation today. I am writing to request the entrepreneurial profile and access to the presentation."
— Kathleen A.
"Thank you so much for today's call, it was insightful! I'm interested in participating on the call next week, please send me the invite."
— Kilsy C.
"Thank you for the information you shared today on the webinar. I would love to attend your next webinar. Can send me the link?"
— Laurie
"Thank you for a very informative webinar this morning on Franchise Ownership. I would like to attend the webinar next Tuesday."
— Tracy R.
"First, thank you for all the great information. You mentioned the Top Picks webinar next week that I would love to attend. Thank you again for your time today, and I look forward to attending the next webinar."
— Judy K.
"Thank you for walking us through Franchise Ownership, Is it Right for you! It was very insightful and had no idea what to look for. Gain so much within this last hour."
— Carolyn G.
"I attended your session this morning. Thoroughly enjoyed the information but am a total novice and would like to attend the next webinar, you mentioned. Would you please send the entrepreneurial profile and webinar invite?"
— Erin P.
"I was fortunate enough to attend the franchise ownership webinar. I'm hoping to connect with you in the next few days to explore whether franchising is the right path for me and to get some more information on the companies you represent and services you provide. Kindly reply or call me at your earliest convenience."
— JP F.
"This morning's webinar it was very informative. For the past several years, I have been thinking of investing in a business but was scared due to what I have seen happen in my family. However after attending your webinar my confidence has come back and would like to explore opportunities where I can use my skills obtained from my past 25yrs of work experience."
— Dhaval P.


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