Maid Brigade Discovery Day is Underway: Here’s What to Expect From These FBA Events 


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FBA Brokers & Agents are currently in Atlanta, GA, attending Maid Brigade’s Discovery Day. If you’ve not yet attended these events, or if you’re curious about sponsoring one of your own, here’s what you need to know.

What Happens at Discovery Day?

Discovery Days are dynamic events where you can learn the ins and outs of a franchise brand/system. Usually 2-3 days long, there are multiple opportunities to get to know the corporate team, network with your peers, and attend exciting local events!

Here’s a Breakdown of a Typical Discovery Day:

  1. Meet the Executive Team: Get firsthand insights from leaders who shape the vision of the franchise.
  2. Tour the Facilities: See where the magic happens—from operations to customer service.
  3. Experience a Day in the Life of a Franchisee: Understand the daily operations and what success looks like, so you know how to sell it. 
  4. Get the Numbers: Learn about financial aspects, including potential earnings and investment requirements.
  5. Learn How to Pitch: Gain valuable skills on how to effectively present the franchise model to candidates.
  6. Enjoy an Outing: It’s not all work! Enjoy a fun outing with the team to bond and build lasting relationships.
  7. Network with Peers and Brokers: Connect with other FBA Brokers & Agents who are as passionate about franchising as you are.

Want to Showcase & Promote Your Franchise?

ZORS, this is a fantastic marketing opportunity…and spots fill up fast! By sponsoring an FBA Discovery Day, you’ll get several promotional benefits through our extensive network, enhancing your visibility and appeal to potential franchisees. Additionally, our Marketing team works with event attendees to put together exciting materials even after they’ve flown home.

For more information on attending or sponsoring, please use the new “Discovery Days” button on FBAMembers.com or reach out to FBA’s Event Planner.

Thank you to Maid Brigade and their entire team for sponsoring May’s event! Stay tuned for upcoming brand content.

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