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As a Franchise Broker, you have candidates from all walks of life. Your job is to understand their particular background, interests, financials, and goals. During this assessment, it becomes evident that while candidates’ interests vary, they universally seek proven, successful business models. This insight leads us to explore the distinct advantages of B2B franchising over more traditional, consumer-focused sectors.

B2B franchising, which Propelled Brands excels in, involves forming lasting relationships with other businesses, characterized by high loyalty and long-term contracts. This model is less about one-time transactions and more so establishing ongoing business where quality and reliability are valued most. Businesses are willing to pay a premium to ensure there is no disruption in their operations, which is why the franchises under Propelled Brands are so compelling. They offer services that businesses use repeatedly, fostering a dependency based on trust and performance.

In this article, we explore three dynamic B2B franchises—FASTSIGNS, MY SALON Suite, and NerdsToGo—each offering unique models that highlight the benefits of B2B franchising with Propelled Brands.

Three Dynamic B2B Franchises to Propel a Portfolio

Propelled Brands houses exceptional B2B brands like FASTSIGNS, MY SALON Suite, and NerdsToGo, which are leaders in the franchising industry. These brands thrive by catering to business owners, not everyday consumers, which sets the stage for more strategic, high-value relationships.

Each brand under the Propelled umbrella operates on a foundation of recurrent business interactions, essential for building a resilient revenue stream. Let’s take a look.


As the leading name in the $29 billion sign industry, FASTSIGNS has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as the top sign and graphic franchise for six consecutive years. Operating since 1985 and now boasting almost 800 locations across eight countries, FASTSIGNS is a well-established leader in visual communication.

The brand excels in adapting to the diverse needs of local markets with products such as interior décor, digital signage, window graphics, and safety signage. FASTSIGNS is particularly strong in the B2B sector because it services the same business customers repeatedly, supporting their ongoing needs for effective visual communication. This creates long-term business relationships and a reliable revenue stream, as customers depend on FASTSIGNS to maintain and enhance their visibility in the marketplace.

Check out their listing: https://fbamembers.com/profile/fastsigns-2/


MY SALON Suite leads the way in the salon and beauty services sector, demonstrating significant growth since its inception in 2010, with nearly 350 locations. This franchise supports business owners in developing upscale private salon suite facilities, which cater to established beauty professionals.

The business model is built on long-term rental contracts, ensuring stable, recurring income and minimizing turnover. With an impressive EBITDA of 46.4%, MY SALON Suite appeals to investors looking for a semi-to-absentee business model with NO on-site employees. This setup is particularly advantageous because when tenants are satisfied with their arrangement, they are likely to renew their contracts repeatedly, enhancing the franchise’s stability and ease of operation.

Franchisees benefit from operating in a high-demand market while providing a thriving space for beauty professionals, making this business model both lucrative and manageable with minimal day-to-day oversight.

Check out their listing: https://fbamembers.com/profile/my-salon-suite/


NerdsToGo has become a trusted name in IT support since 2003, offering a vital service as the reliance on technology in business operations continues to increase. This franchise provides comprehensive IT services, crucial for businesses aiming to maintain a secure and efficient technological infrastructure.

NerdsToGo specializes in helping small teams and businesses by providing the IT structure they need to succeed, allowing them to outsource this complexity so they can focus on their core activities. Once businesses experience the high-quality support of NerdsToGo, they tend to remain loyal, recognizing the value of having expert IT support that they can trust. This loyalty stems from the franchise’s ability to manage sensitive information and navigate complex systems better than their clients could on their own.

The business model is particularly attractive because it is based on recurring, subscription-based revenue, serving primarily B2B customers who require ongoing IT solutions to ensure operational continuity.

Check out their listing: https://fbamembers.com/profile/nerds-to-go/

Important Note: Propelled Brands honors veterans with a generous 50% discount on the initial franchise fee for the first unit across all three brands, along with reduced royalties during the first year for FASTSIGNS and NerdsToGo, making it easier for veterans to start and grow their business.

Leverage the Power of Propelled Brands

When your candidate works with a development group or invests in a brand under its umbrella, they end up leveraging the power of the entire group. Meaning, it’s crucial to choose a group that not only supports its franchises but also enhances their potential for success.

5 Ways Propelled Brands Development Group Stands Out:

  1. High Franchisee Satisfaction Scores: Propelled Brands boasts consistently high satisfaction rates among its franchisees, indicating strong support and effective business models.
  2. Industry Recognition: Recognized by prestigious entities such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise 500, and Franchise Business Review, Propelled Brands is acknowledged as a leader in franchising.
  3. Established Leadership: With a leadership team that is highly recognized in the franchising industry, Propelled Brands offers unmatched expertise and guidance, helping each franchisee maximize their business potential.
  4. Extensive Network: With over 1,300 franchise locations and 45+ corporate stores, Propelled Brands provides a proven track record of success and a broad network of peers for support and collaboration.
  5. High Net Promoter Score: A high Net Promoter Score indicates deep customer relationships and satisfaction, which is crucial for sustained business growth and a strong brand reputation.

Pitching Propelled Brands

B2B franchise models foster long-term relationships with professionals who understand the necessity of investing in solutions that will drive their businesses forward.

By introducing candidates to Propelled Brands, you’re connecting them with a system designed for sustained growth and supported by robust franchisee networks, extensive industry recognition, and a commitment to excellence.

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