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Back in July 2014, when our current website made its debut, we embarked on a mission to connect and empower our community of franchise professionals. Now, in 2023, we’re beyond thrilled to introduce you to the renovated FBAMembers.com, a platform designed with your success in mind.

The way we envisioned the new and improved Member’s Site is like a (top of the line) toolbox – curated for our members, where each feature serves a big purpose. 

Throughout the years–and our most recent beta test–we’ve received specific feedback from YOU regarding what would make your FBA online experience faster, more efficient, and more fun.

Why the Excitement?

We’re not looking at this rollout as just another website launch. This is a franchise powerhouse that’s sleek, efficient, and ready to propel your business forward. The journey has been long, and the anticipation is at an all-time high – for us and, we’re sure, for you too.

Acknowledging the Present to Shape the Future

Over the years, our current website–despite its merits–has garnered its share of frustrations.

Whether it was the slow-loading pages, less-than-optimal communication pathways with franchisors, or the difficult process of finding the information you need—we’ve heard you.

While technology changes at what seems like lightning speed, catching up is often easier said than done. Yet, standing still is not an option for us, or for the franchise community we serve.

Driving Forces Behind the New FBAMembers.com

Our overhaul is not a simple facelift but rather a carefully considered revamp aimed at tackling these specific challenges head-on.

Here’s how the new features are positioned to impact you and the site:

  • Speed & Efficiency: By cutting down on extraneous code and taking a mobile-first approach, we’re ensuring that slowness becomes a relic of the past.
  • Enhanced Communication: New streamlined features for Registration History and Franchise Listings will improve your interactions with franchisors and bring clarity to Territory Checks.
  • Simplified Navigation: With a restructured, user-friendly interface, finding what you’re looking for will no longer be akin to a treasure hunt.
  • Organized Content: Our GOOD News Magazine will consolidate valuable content in an accessible manner, thus alleviating information overload.
  • Tailored Experience: Most importantly, each change has been influenced by your feedback and tailored to what you’ve been asking for. We’re handing you not just what you need, but what you want.

By acknowledging the bumps in journey thus far, we’re laying down a smoother road ahead. The new FBAMembers.com is not just a response to old challenges, but a proactive step towards setting new industry standards – starting with some cool new features.

Key Features Unveiled

Now, let’s take a quick look at what you can expect with these upcoming features.

Mobile Functionality: The Power of On-the-Go

In today’s rapid business environment, the new website ensures you stay connected, adapting seamlessly to your phone or tablet. We’ve now made FBAMembers.com 100% mobile friendly, ensuring you can manage your franchise endeavors from anywhere, at any time.

GOOD News Magazine: A Wealth of Insights

Last week we introduced you to FBA’s GOOD News Online Magazine. You can expect articles, industry updates, and success stories, all curated to enrich your franchise knowledge without overwhelming your inbox. Sharing this content has also been made hassle-free!

Read that article by clicking here.

Streamlined Candidate Registration History

Gone are the days of toggling between pages for crucial information. Now, a consolidated view of your candidates’ data—right from Territory Checks to Formal Registrations—will be available on each page, easily accessible or concealable with a simple tab.

FLS Candidate Filtering

Our revamped FLS showcase availability responses directly on the franchise listings, and you can effortlessly filter based on your candidates’ registration status.

Not only this, but our brand presentations and articles–which help with strategy and pitch–will be available to view on the listing for quick, easy access.

Private Notes: Your Personalized Notebook

Have thoughts about a particular brand? You won’t have to forget it (or where you jotted it down) with this new feature. Whether at a conference, on webinar, or just browsing the FLS, you can write down your insights directly onto the Franchise Listings. Your space, your rules.

Private Franchise Reviews

Become an influencer within our community. Rate and review franchises on factors like Sales Process, Concept Value, and Marketing. Your voice will guide our collective decision-making and inspire continuous improvement for the brands and our pitches.

More Connection with “Open for Group”

Activate this feature to signal your openness for collaboration, making it easier to connect with like-minded brokers. You can call this networking, but we’re coining it “connecting with revenue partners.” A new era of cooperative success awaits.

What’s Next?

Believe it or not, this is still just the beginning. Our ongoing journey will introduce even more groundbreaking features, which we’ll delve into in our upcoming Technology Roadmap article.

We are on the cusp of a new frontier in franchising, and it’s happening sooner than you think. September 30, 2023 – have you saved the date?

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