A (Driver’s Seat) Look at the Technology Roadmap for FBAMembers.com


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As FBA’s President, I’ve witnessed the evolution of our industry firsthand. To say that the relaunch of our Member’s Site is close to my heart would be an understatement. This is much more than a project for me. It’s been a mission to provide you, our valued members, with the most efficient, cutting-edge tools that can genuinely revolutionize the way you navigate the franchising landscape.

Over the past few weeks, our team has hinted at the transformations we’ve been working hard on – from the inception of GOOD News Magazine (and its curated content), to the many new features we’re rolling out on launch day.

However, today, I’m taking the wheel as we navigate some of the technology-driven enhancements we’re ushering in. And as many of you know, tech is sort of my thing.

Candidate Facing Tools

We recognize that many times you don’t have a lot of time in between your presentations – and being able to pull from and create presentations is critical to your success with a candidate.

So here’s how we aim to solve that problem for you:

  • These tools look at what a candidate needs to know in the brand presentation and builds quick slides meet such challenges, transforming your workflow into a seamless experience.
  • We’ve tuned into feedback regarding dynamically built PDFs from listings. The aim? To make them not just efficient, but also effective in presentation.

Candidate Resource Tab

Isn’t it about time technology simplified resource gathering for you?

The addition of the tab was intended to help simplify the process of collecting resources to send your candidate, prepare for meetings, and ensure that you have pertinent information at your fingertips. By having this tool, you are streamlining interactions and enhancing the overall candidate experience.

  • When a Franchisor responds as Available to a Territory Check the document resources from that Franchises listing will be added within your Candidate profile – making preparation and presenting a breeze.
  • The next phase involves enabling the merging of similar document types, such as 2-Minute Drills or One Sheets, a tool that promises efficiency but comes with its set of prerequisites.

Dynamic One-Sheets and Landing Pages

How can you make each franchise’s essence pop with just a glance? You utilize the new Dynamic one-sheets and landing pages.

  • One-sheets, generated for every franchise listing, encapsulate the essence of the listing.
  • Unique landing pages further elevate the experience, embracing rich media to engage and inform candidates.

Articles and Content

On the new FBAMembers.com you’ll be shown a lot of exciting content you may just want to share with your candidates. We are giving you the ability to do this without directing your candidates to the FranchiseBA.com website and our contact forms. This keeps you in control of your candidates and gives you the ability to share these articles through social media.

  • FranchiseNews.Today is a CTA free webpage where all of our content will live, so you can send directly to candidates. This integration lets you share the latest without directing candidates elsewhere, giving you control.
  • Have consistent content right on your website. With your FBA Broker website acting as a conduit for our new Franchisor magazine’s articles, your credibility gets an automatic boost.

One-Click Invoicing

Imagine streamlining your financial processes with just one click. Sound enticing?

  • The new system lets you invoice franchises, keep a tab on commissions, and maintain a precise ledger, all in one place.
  • The Leaderboard integration ensures accomplishments don’t go unnoticed. When the invoice goes through (with the click of very few buttons) the deal will be uploaded to FBA’s Leaderboard.

A Strong Foundation

Ever thought about the power of seamless integration and how it could redefine your franchising experience?

A huge focus of mine for the relaunch of FBAMembers.com is simplicity – and a strong foundation to build on.

  • The Member’s Website is a launchpad for broader collaborations and integrations. The potential of your Zorakle subscription can now be unlocked without logging out of the site. Single Sign on links both accounts into a single experience.
  • Enhanced data integrations are on the horizon, promising richer and more insightful experiences.

Events Listing and Sign-Up

Keeping track of industry events can be cumbersome, right? What if it was as simple as integrating your calendar with ours?

It actually is that simple. Our events are being revamped to improve your ability to be aware of and participate in future FBA events!

  • Doing so ensures you never miss out on what’s going on at FBA – with direct calendar integrations, streamlined registrations, and enhanced visibility.
  • With a dedicated section in GOOD News magazine, all FBA events will be on full display and at your fingertips.

Getting Ready for Take Off

From where I stand, at the crossroads of technology and franchising, I see FBAMembers.com as a lighthouse.

It’s here to guide both franchisors and brokers towards a horizon filled with endless potential, streamlined efficiency, and growth. With the launch date, September 30th, around the corner, I genuinely value and anticipate your feedback.

Let’s craft the future of franchising hand in hand – like we’ve always done.

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