Franchise Filming Captures Franchise Success Stories


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If content is king, then video is the crown jewel. Imperative to visually telling a brand’s story, video is crucial to any basic digital marketing strategy. Franchises that have an in-house videographer are doing it right. However, it can be expensive to send video teams to individual franchise locations to obtain valuable testimonials. Franchise Filming was designed to fill this need by providing high-quality video anywhere in the U.S., and a two week or less turnaround times.

Traveling in 2020 looked different, but didn’t let Franchise Filming lose momentum to deliver quality video content. With the use of modern technology, production leadership and communication, Franchise Filming worked with with companies like Neighborly, the world’s largest home services franchise company with 28 brands and more than 4,500 franchises to highlight and film franchise owners worldwide.

“With COVID-19, many companies didn’t think video content was an option,” Franchise Filming Founder Trevor Rappleye said. “A third of people are working from home, so we said, why not get them on Zoom?”

But how can a franchise tell an emotionally-driven story over Zoom? They do so through personalization. It all begins with a soundbite with the interview, which is edited with personal photos from the franchise owner.

“Working with Trevor and the Franchise Filming team has been an pleasure,” said Debbie Adams, Director, Franchise Development Marketing at Neighborly. “They were able to help us produce powerful testimonial video content featuring real-life success stories from our Neighborly franchise owners, despite challenges most production companies have faced during this pandemic. It was a quick and simple process.” 

In addition to filming, editing, and delivering great brand testimonials, Franchise Filming manages the coordination with franchise owners, including scheduling, camera assistance, and interview questions, making the process simple and effective for the Neighborly home office. Bi-monthly check-in calls keep the franchisor up-to-date on delivery and approval progress, with assessible communication from start to finish.

“We are giving busy franchisors their time back,” Rappleye said. “Just give us a list of 25 people to schedule on Zoom, and we will do the rest. Whether over Zoom or in-person, Franchise Filming is able to deliver authentic stories and show the emotion behind franchise owners’ success.”

Franchise Filming offers a nationwide one-time fee subscription model, entitled VIP Monthly Membership, that helps provide monthly video content year-round.

The VIP Monthly Membership Includes:

  • No U.S. travel fees
  • Free script writing, voiceover and concept creation
  • Consistent edits weekly or monthly to drive sales
  • Highest in editing queue – videos completed in five-10 days
  • Streaming song license included
  • Years of franchise knowledge
  • Over 500,000 hours of filming experience
  • Monthly check-in call
  • Free blooper reel
  • Free subtitles

Rappleye began his first film company when he was just 13-years-old, and has been in the corporate filming space for about five years.

“The story is something that is really important to me,” Rappleye said. “The first three years attending ) convention, I walked the floor and listened to people’s pain points. Most of the points were about how franchise owners are spread out across the U.S., and it is difficult to film them all. With our VIP subscription model, franchisors don’t have to wait for long turnaround times or coordinate their internal video team’s schedule. Gone are the days where one piece of content works – our clients find the best success when they have 24-48 films per year.”

To learn more about Franchise Filming, visit them at

Trevor Rappleye
Phone: (888) 389-3456

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