New FBA Member Portal Helps Brokers to Work Smarter, Not Harder


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Updated FBA System Automatically Calculates Client to Franchise Match

Imagine you are a franchise broker representing hundreds of franchises, with a new franchise added to your portfolio of options every day. While you are connecting with your clients, an orchestrated system is connecting all the dots in the background. Valuable historic data from clients and franchisors are combined and matched into percentage scores showcasing top available options. This is the future, and the future has arrived at the Franchise Broker’s Association. 

Designed to help franchise brokers and franchisors create an ideal match, the brand-new FBA member experience now available on the FBA website portal. The updated member site allows franchise brokers and franchisors to both save time and gather valuable data to help make the best educated decisions possible. 

“We are constantly evolving – our technology never sits still,” said Chris Wall, Executive Vice President of the FBA. “Revamping the website for FBA members has laid the groundwork for new partnerships that will take our member’s experience to the next level.”

The members-only system seamlessly integrates a smart CMS into the brokering process. The broker does everything they normally would while internal systems work behind the scenes to provide valuable insights into the franchise inventory. This data connects the dots to help FBA members uncover previously hidden connections and expose them to smarter opportunities. When franchise brokers conduct an interview with a client, the information gets entered into the site and ultimately creates a score that is matched with ideal franchises through a percentage-based system.

“In one integrated system, brokers are able to research and share their client’s information with franchisors,” said Wall. “Our site bridges a gap and allows for easy collaboration so that together they can discuss the next steps and best options for their candidates.”

FBA members have the advantage of time-saving tools, access to the latest historical data, exclusive FBA partners and a members-only portal that allows smart business relationships to form and prosper. 

For more information about joining the Franchise Brokers Association, please visit https://www.franchiseba.com/.

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