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Work on your terms and help put others in a business they love by selling great franchises.

Franchise brokers are prestigious intermediaries who help people buy franchises.

They provide options which focus on the business model and profitability of a franchise system. Most franchise buyers do not understand the franchise sales marketplace and can easily pick the wrong franchise. Our franchise brokers are extensively trained to help buyers find systems they will do well in.

Turnkey Business Opportunity

Mentoring & Support for 1 Year

Extensive Broker Training

We’ve raised the bar.

We’ve been leading franchise brokers on a path to success for more than a decade. We’ve raised the bar for the franchise industry, and we fully support every franchise broker who comes to us. We aren’t just going to send you out on your own, where you’ll have to hope for the best with little idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Instead, we’ll deliver a comprehensive training experience that will help you ramp up your business and produce a lifestyle you feel good about.


"FBA offered the best suite of resources and services in the industry. It takes franchise brokering to a higher level by incorporating advanced training and providing access to a network of professionals in every possible specialty."
Reggie Beason
Franchise Broker
“Franchise experts say there are many other ways a prospective franchisee can find a good broker…The simplest route is to find one who is certified by the Franchise Brokers Association.”
Entrepreneur Magazine
April 2017

We have a strong and proven process for launching successful franchise brokers.


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We’ll be your guide.

When you work with us, you have a partner in the franchise industry — someone who’s here to help you be a success. After you receive your franchise broker training, you’ll experience a one year mentorship program to accelerate your success. We make it a priority for you to enter the franchise industry with confidence, knowing that you have a guide to help you along the way.

You’re going to love being a franchise broker.

As a franchise broker, you’ll enjoy a flexible career that helps others get where they want to go, both in life and business. You can work from wherever you want to match your candidates with a franchise they’ll love. Being a franchise broker means that, at the end of the day, you can feel good about yourself, your business, and the positive impact you’ve had.

It's time to enjoy a flexible career with financial freedom.

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It's time to enjoy a flexible career with financial freedom.

Find out how when you download "5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Franchise Broker."