TieiT is the sales platform of choice for the Franchise Brokers Association.

Using TieiT our Franchise Brokers are able to achieve their goals faster and with more efficiency.

Included with our Franchise Broker Business Package

Turn Your Business On With TieiT

Included with the Franchise Training Institutes' Business Package

As a Franchise Broker, you need to focus on what’s most important for your business. Your Clients. When you spend your time doing admin work or get frustrated having to learn multiple programs you’re not spending your time where it really matters. With TieiT you are getting a solution that will allow you to overcome these challenges.

All the Features you want, tied together in one place

TieiT is not just a CRM. It is a comprehensive solution that combines all the essential features needed to be effective in today’s business world. We all realize that we need to accomplish specific tasks such as send out regular newsletters, craft meaningful email campaigns, market to your audience with attractive landing pages or just to engage with people on social media. The challenge is being able to afford the time and money needed to accomplish them. With Tieit you have access to all of this and more.

Simplify your life. Don’t sacrifice on productivity.

At the Franchise Training Institute, we are committed to providing the absolute best to our members. This is why we have partnered with MaaS Pros, the developers of TieiT. Through our strategic partnership, we allow each of our companies to focus on their strengths. FTI focuses on franchise sales and training while MaaS Pros does what they do best. Develop software. Together, we are committed to our shared goal of innovation and ease of use.

Features that set TieiT apart from a typical CRM


  • 5,000 Contacts
  • Automatically imports leads into the system
  • Deal Pipelines and Reporting
  • Syncs with your Email & Calendar services (Gsuite provided)

Email Marketing

  • Flexible Design Options
  • Segmented Lists
  • Scheduling & Automation
  • Tracking and Reporting

Social Media

  • Manage your Facebook & Twitter profiles
  • Schedule Posts and Create Categories
  • Connect to RSS Feeds to create a content library

Landing Page Builder

  • Publish up to 5 pages
  • Built-in Landing Page templates for you to easily edit
  • No domain names needed

Web Forms

  • Drag and drop form creator
  • Imports inquiries directly into TieiT
  • Easily add forms to any website or landing page

Workflows & Automations

  • Easy to use workflow creator
  • Automate any function or process
  • Save hours of admin time

Built-In Scheduling

  • Set your availability and move on
  • Allow your clients to schedule meetings
  • Connects with any Calendar

Google Analytics

  • Track how your web properties are performing
  • See how many visitors convert to leads
  • GSuite provided with all Google Business Applications

What Having TieiT Really Means To You...

By using TieiT our Franchise Brokers are able to save hundreds of dollars a month in business services.

In addition, they only need to have one login and learn to use one product.

For example, if you were on your own looking for the features provided by TieiT you would be forced to go with several products.

Replace all these applications. Below is a list of similar products that you would need to purchase and learn to even come close to getting what TieiT offers.

CRM & Marketing System

$800 a month with $3,000 down for only 1,000 contacts. Want 10,000 contacts? You would be paying $2,400 a month!

Email Marketing

$35 a month for 2,500 contacts.

Automation Services

$400 a month for 1,500 contacts.

Social Scheduling

$10 a month on average.

Social Media Management

$20 a month.


Ranges from free to $12 a month.

Website and Landing Page Builder

$7 a month minimum.

Website Analysis

A complicated system usually requiring professional assistance to be effective for the average user.

Why use multiple applications when you can use an all-in-one solution?

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Automating your sales process is simple with this easy to use module.

Whether you want to trigger your sales process as soon as your leads come in or just want to stop don’t want to do a repetitive process, custom workflows is your answer. The sky is the limit because using TieiT you are able to automate any process.

Landing Pages

Select from high converting landing page designs to edit and customize for your business. The landing page module will allow you to modify images, text, style, colors and more.

Once you complete customizing and editing your landing page, you can instantly publish your landing page online and start marketing for leads.

Social Media

Manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts to post and schedule messages to make sure you are continually being social.

Looking for content? We have you covered by having an integrated method to add content from any RSS feed. This allows you to pick and choose the content you’d like to share from sources like Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise Times, etc.

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