Top 10 Most Popular Franchise Industries

Top 10 Most Popular Franchise Industries


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Welcome to the list of the most popular franchise industries! This list has been provided by Franchise Clique and consists of data on the most frequently searched franchise industries in the past six months. 
If you are looking for a franchise, we encourage you to seek the professional guidance of a qualified Franchise Consultant. There are thousands of franchise options available to you, and a franchise consultant will be able to help match the right opportunity to your specific needs. If you’d like to speak with one at no charge please just introduce yourself to us here and we will match you with a consultant who will be able to serve you.

Top 10 Most Popular Franchise Industries

1. Food and Restaurant Franchises
The most popular franchise category for the last 6 months is Food and Restaurant franchises! This industry offers so many different opportunities in many different niches – everything from fast food and coffee shops to diners and cafes, etc. A particular niche which has been gaining notable growth are concepts that focus on a healthier selection. We expect this trend to continue especially considering the new requirement from the FDA, to display calorie count information, slated to go into effect towards the end of 2015.  We have yet to see how this will impact franchises that exist within this industry.

2. Business Opportunities
Business Opportunities, not franchises, is the number two most searched opportunity! The reason for this is likely due to the wide range of opportunities that are available as a Biz Op. Everything from ATM, vending, check cashing, dollar store, DVD & video rental, medical bulling, and of course Franchise Consulting is a business opportunity. These opportunities simply sell or lease any product, service, equipment, etc. that will enable the purchaser of the licensee to begin a business.

3. Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning franchises provide an invaluable service to consumers. Many homeowners prefer hiring a cleaning service because they do not have enough time or the right equipment needed to clean their carpets, grout, or homes adequately. Opportunities include carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning, concrete and flooring, dry cleaning, grout repair, handyman, home and outdoor lighting, home improvement, house cleaning & maid service, junk removal, lawn & landscaping, painting & design, storage & organizational, tool, and window blind franchises.

4. Low Investment Franchises
The American dream for many people is to be their own boss. This often means that you own your own business, and is the reason why many turn to franchising. The proven model of the franchise is able to overcome many of the challenges of starting your own business. The low-investment franchises, obviously, require less start-up capital than most other franchise opportunities and are a good option for people who don’t have a large 401(k) or other buying power. Concepts within this space are plentiful and service all types of industries. Just because a franchise is low investment doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have big returns. Many people also end up purchasing large multiples of these low-cost franchises.

5. Automotive Franchises
Get up and go within the $193 billion car care industry! There are so many options within this space that you may have trouble deciding which direction to go. This is one industry with a lot of powerful name brands to hitch up to. These franchises offer business owners the ease of letting the company handle marketing and pointing customers in their direction. Many of them don’t require you to be an expert in cars to be successful. These are great businesses that build lasting relationships with repeat customers.

6. Business Service Franchises
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics industries which provide services to businesses for a fee or on a contractual basis have had rapid gains in employment growth over the last decade, especially firms supplying computer and data processing services and temporary help; expansion is expected to continue.

7. Home Service Franchises
Home service franchises provide an assortment of home improvement and maintenance services on residential homes. These services help busy home owners maintain their houses, lawns, and more looking and functioning beautifully.

8. Retail Franchises
Retail franchises focus their products on individual consumers, and the industry as a whole employs more than 15 million people in the United States! With U.S. annual retail revenues close to $4 trillion in 2006, and more than a million retail businesses in operation, there’s no question that this is a huge industry. Franchises within this space service nearly every type of need from kitchen design, custom t-shirts, pet-sitting, and even mosquito control.

9. Vending Franchises
Vending franchises are a great opportunity for the entrepreneur who wants to have his hands in everything. These franchise opportunities allow you to get into small market businesses and bring them to any location – be it a storefront you already own, or a location you will be renting. There are several different popular vending franchises available. Naturals 2 Go is one popular option and has named as the FBA Business Opportunity of the Year for 3 years in a row!

10. Senior Care Franchises
With such a large range of franchise opportunities in this industry, most franchise models have expanded well beyond what you may consider traditional senior care. Because there is such a huge demand for these services, many franchises exist to serve the market. The fact is that 10,000 people a day turn 65 years old, and 75% of America’s wealth is held by the seniors. In 2001, people aged 65 and older owned 31% of the U.S.’s financial assets. By 2040, it is estimated they will hold 44% of the country’s financial assets.


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