The Camp Transformation Center Franchise: Where Fitness + Passion = Profits

A Quick Preface: This past week, I had the opportunity to travel with FBA Brokers to sunny California to visit The Camp Transformation Center during their Discovery Day. After receiving tons of insights, collecting content, and experiencing an exceptionally intense workout, I definitely came back stronger – and I’m excited to share this amazing brand […]
Written by Kourtney Kopp on February 28, 2024
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A Quick Preface: This past week, I had the opportunity to travel with FBA Brokers to sunny California to visit The Camp Transformation Center during their Discovery Day.

After receiving tons of insights, collecting content, and experiencing an exceptionally intense workout, I definitely came back stronger – and I’m excited to share this amazing brand with you. 

As an avid gym goer and a former elite athlete, I do feel a deep connection to the world of fitness and understand what makes a fitness brand truly resonate with its members and stand out in a crowded market.

This made writing this article particularly special for me.

A Warm Welcome to the World of Fitness 

Here’s a question to start…Why is the fitness industry so popular?

Easy answer. Despite it being difficult to achieve, there is a universal desire for change, physical and mental strengthening, and the relentless pursuit of personal betterment. 

Never before have we, as a society, been more equipped to make healthier choices that keep us strong and living long, fulfilling lives. 

However, even after acknowledging the benefits of health, wellness, and regular fitness routines, many might encounter these challenges:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Dwindling motivation
  • Absence of accountability
  • Deficit in the knowledge needed to achieve desired results
  • Over spending on the wrong tools (time and money)
  • Falling victim to FAD diets, fitness trends, and “quick” fixes

It's these obstacles, among others, that boutique fitness brands are uniquely positioned to address, offering tailored solutions to those who are recommitting themselves to a stronger, healthier lifestyle.

From my own perspective, fitness is a lifelong journey.

I've been fortunate to maintain an active lifestyle, experimenting with various strength training and weight loss/maintenance methods throughout the years. Despite this, I have encountered my share of obstacles that extend beyond the common hurdles of confidence and motivation.

For me, the monotony of certain routines and programs has often led to a waning interest, highlighting the need for innovation and variety in any fitness regime. Based on some statistics I learned during The Camp’s Discovery Day, I know others feel the same.

The boutique fitness sector grapples with that very same challenge: client retention.

On average, customer engagement in boutique fitness programs lasts about three months—a timeframe that barely suffices to witness tangible results before that interest fades and workout attendance drops. This cycle is less than ideal for both the client, who seeks lasting change, and the fitness brands who strives for sustainable growth. We'll touch more on retention in a moment.

Enter The Camp Transformation Center, a brand that differentiates itself within the industry.


The Camp's Strong Business Model

There’s something very unique about The Camp Transformation Center franchise.

Unlike typical lifestyle and fitness brands, The Camp positions itself as a passion brand. This distinction is crucial.

The Camp's founders and franchise owners are united by a shared mission to not just oversee physical transformations but also educate and inspire their members towards lasting personal growth. 

How do they do this? 

Well, the core of The Camp's successful business model is a deeply ingrained culture of making every member feel special.

This philosophy is evident in how employees and staff interact with those who walk through their doors. In essence, everyone who comes to The Camp carries an invisible sign that reads, "Make me feel special today." 

This invisible sign serves as a reminder for The Camp owners and employees alike to leverage emotional touch points, addressing clients' needs and desires to feel:

  1. Acknowledged
  2. Important
  3. Successful
  4. Happy
  5. Motivated
  6. Inspired
  7. Hopeful
  8. Passionate
  9. Supported
  10. A sense of belonging

These emotional anchors are crucial in building a community where members are valued participants in a shared fitness journey – this keeps them coming back for years. 

Think about this: lots of people have wonderful communities – in the past, we’ve seen connections made through school, college, church, or friends of friends. However, these new interactions don't happen as often in our modern society (Why? Well, that’s a conversation for another time).

But on a positive note, when a franchise like this comes to market, it comes with a different opportunity than a traditional brand. This is a passion and lifestyle business that builds an extremely loyal and connected community for its members. As a result, the connection and bond member share builds long term retention for the owner.

A lot of brands can say they build community – The Camp Transformation Center truly does.

Here’s the proof.

Strong Retention Rates

Understanding that every Member of The Camp is greeted with a certain specialness, it’s no surprise that the brand has an average client retention rate of 14 months. This figure vastly outperforms the typical three-month engagement period seen across the fitness sector. Again, that’s almost 5 times longer than the average membership length for boutique fitness.

This number is attributed not only to the unique and personalized welcome each member receives but also to The Camp's comprehensive approach to retention that spans members, employees, and franchisees.

As a whole, people stay with The Camp for the long haul.

For example...

Employee and Franchisee Retention

The corporate culture at The Camp is designed to nurture growth and leadership, offering pathways for career advancement that have seen individuals rise from entry-level positions to executive roles.

When I met the corporate team at The Camp HQ, it was rare to come across a member of the franchise support team that hadn’t been with the company for less than 10 years.

How many companies do you know that have most employees staying (happily) with them this long?

Not many.

This further demonstrates the unparalleled loyalty and dedication to the mission company wide.

Furthermore, the franchisee retention rate stands at an impressive 93%, significantly surpassing the expected turnover rates in a three year period for healthy franchise systems, which typically range from 70 to 80%.

Such statistics underscore The Camp's ability to maintain a robust and satisfied network of franchisees, reinforcing the brand's stability and attractiveness.


Keeping Things Fresh and Competitive with Innovative Programs and Challenges

One of the keys to The Camp's success in retaining members is its dynamic range of programs and challenges, designed to keep participants engaged, accountable, and in tune with fitness trends.

These offerings include:

  • 21-Day Detox: A program designed to kickstart members' fitness journeys by focusing on clean eating and detoxification.
  • 6-Week Specialty Programs: These programs are launched every seven weeks and are known for delivering the most successful transformations. They offer an intensive regimen of 30 workouts over six weeks, each session lasting 50 minutes. This is a revenue generating program as members typically choose to stay on due to the tangible results they see.
  • Camp Ranks and Camp Strong: These initiatives provide structured progress and recognition, motivating members to achieve new levels of fitness.
  • Commit to Be Fit 30-Day Challenge: A shorter, intensive challenge that encourages members to commit fully to their fitness goals within a manageable timeframe.

Based on latest fitness trends and what consistently yield results, The Camp's opt-in challenges and programs are designed to keep fitness routines engaging and to address the evolving needs of members who have reached their initial goals of weight loss or strength gain.

The Camp’s Elite Program

Recognizing the risk of plateauing or members seeking new challenges elsewhere, The Camp introduced the Elite program.

This upgraded membership option appeals to those looking for advancement after a year of progress, offering them new goals within the supportive environment that has been pivotal in their transformation.

By providing avenues for growth and new challenges, this brand not only retains members but also deepens their connection to the brand.

The idea that "there's something for everyone," really rings true here.


Creating Brand Ambassadors with The Camp’s Nutrition and Merchandise Line

Most prospective business owners would ask, “what are the alternative ways I can make money in this business?

Well, I’d like to introduce you to MYOFX Nutrition – The Camp’s own supplement line.

If you’re into fitness like me, you’ve probably tried a handful of supplements, powders, pre-workouts, and other difficult to spell and pronounce products.

So to start, I’ll keep it really simple. 

When I went to workout at The Camp, it was a 5 AM wakeup call after a full day of traveling and perhaps not enough sleep the night before. The trainers kindly let us sample their line of pre-workout…and without soundly completely biased – it’s definitely effective, and more importantly (depending who you ask), delicious. 

I’ve had enough bad pre-workout to know the difference. 

But let’s look at the revenue generating aspect of the MYOFX Nutrition line.

Starting with just two initial offerings (chocolate and vanilla protein powders), this line has impressively expanded to 67 different SKU products. This diversification into a comprehensive range of nutritional supplements and related merchandise represents a significant revenue stream with a remarkable 50% profit margin for owners.

By developing MYOFX Nutrition, The Camp effectively redirected the flow of retail profits back into the franchise system, enhancing the financial stability and growth prospects of each franchisee. 

Where members were previously giving money to big corporation vitamin shops, The Camp capitalized on the opportunity to make their brand the “one stop shop” for all things health, wellness, and fitness.

Oh, and then there's the merch!

Retail and Merchandise

In addition to supplements, The Camp has built a robust retail side that extends beyond nutritional products, embodying the essence of what it means to be part of The Camp community.

Big brands do this well with t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, fanny packs, you name it – when people love a brand (or live that brand’s lifestyle), they’ll buy the merch.

That said, the merchandise selection has evolved into an integral component of The Camp’s identity, featuring everything from high-quality apparel matching the standards of renowned brands like Lululemon, adorned with The Camp's logo, to custom location merchandise and seasonal clothing drops.

By offering a wide array of products that members love and trust, The Camp strengthens its community bonds and further solidifies its market position.

The retail aspect serves as a powerful community-building tool, with merchandise "out in the wild" sparking conversations and naturally enhancing word-of-mouth marketing.

This strategic emphasis on retail and merchandise offers a dual advantage.

First, it significantly reduces the need for traditional marketing expenditures, as the brand ambassadors—satisfied customers wearing and using The Camp merchandise—serve as a walking testament to the brand's impact and appeal.

Second, the sale of high-margin, consumable, and collectible retail items contributes a healthy amount to covering monthly overhead costs.

Win, win.


Did Someone Say…42% of Membership Comes From Word of Mouth?

The power of word of mouth marketing is a formidable asset for any business, and The Camp Transformation Center capitalizes on this to an impressive extent, with 42% of The Camp clientele coming through referrals.

“How can I join? I hear great things about The Camp!” This is a common entry point for new members signing up. 

For every referral, there's a corresponding reduction in marketing expenses, effectively adding that saved cost directly to the bottom line.

Also, consider how many of those 42% learned about the brand after seeing the merch around town?


Overcoming the "Do-It-Yourself" Gym Objection

The argument that an individual can operate a gym on their own overlooks critical factors that contribute to a fitness business's success. Perhaps this plan can work in rural markets with little competition, but in general, doing it on your own requires more than maybe worth it.

How many (successful) “mom and pop” gyms have you seen around?

How many of those have been around for several years?

Personally, I can't list any in my local Orlando area. And again, I'm plugged into the fitness community.

Necessities such as a strong marketing strategy (and budget), sophisticated systems, and advanced technology are all essential in meeting today's consumer expectations for rich, engaging fitness experiences. 

Have you ever tried to create your own Facebook ad?... If you know, you know.

Private gym owners, without the resources or knowledge to implement these business elements at scale, will likely struggle to meet the needs of their ideal customer base.

Franchises offer a comprehensive solution to these challenges by providing a proven business model, marketing support, operational systems, latest in fitness technology, and more. This partnership allows franchisees to execute these strategies effectively in their local markets, ensuring they can compete with larger, established brands in the area.


The Unparalleled Support of a Franchise System

Franchising with The Camp Transformation Center not only grants access to its reputable brand and proven business model but also an unparalleled support system designed to ensure franchisee success.

This comprehensive support includes:

  • Hands-On Corporate Support: The corporate team, with firsthand experience in launching and operating successful locations, provides practical support, allowing franchisees to learn through shadowing actual operations for a real-world understanding of the business.
  • Personalized Support: Franchisees receive one-on-one support tailored to their specific needs, covering everything from sales training and retention strategies to improving show-up rates, complete with quizzes and targeted training.
  • Pre-Launch Assistance: The Camp aids franchisees in the critical presale phase, helping build member perks and overcome objections to ensure a strong start, with a strategic goal of securing at least 150 members before opening.
  • In-Person and Continuous Learning: Direct in-person assistance is available for newer locations, alongside continuous learning opportunities through engagement with corporate for insights and strategies.
  • Comprehensive Content and Hands-On Involvement: An extensive content library covers essential topics for successful operations. Though there's a model for absentee investors, active involvement is encouraged, especially during the initial months for a deep understanding of the build out.
  • Ongoing Operational and Technological Support: The support extends through every journey phase, from pre-launch preparations to technological assistance, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.
  • Cultivated Expertise and Culture: The support team's longevity, often beginning as clients before rising to significant corporate roles, highlights a culture of internal growth and deep familiarity with The Camp's operational nuances.

This robust framework of support from The Camp Transformation Center ensures franchisees are well-equipped to build strong, sustainable businesses, emphasizing the brand's commitment to their success and the transformative impact on members' lives.


The Financial Track Record & Investment Range

The Camp Transformation Center has emerged as a standout in the fitness franchise landscape, offering a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs passionate about making a real difference in people’s lives through fitness and community.

Established in 2010 and franchising since 2016, The Camp has grown significantly, reflecting its compelling business model, strong brand recognition, and the success of its holistic approach to fitness transformation.

Below are key figures and financial requirements that illustrate the growth potential and investment for potential franchisees:

  • Franchised Units: With 106 franchises, The Camp showcases a robust network, indicating strong brand acceptance and operational success across various locations.
  • Owned Units: The existence of 3 corporate owned units underscores the brand’s commitment to maintaining hands-on experience and leadership in the fitness industry. 
  • Projected New Units (Next Year): An ambitious projection of 21 new units highlights the brand’s growth trajectory and the ongoing demand for its unique fitness model.
  • Hours of Operation: Including weekends in the hours of operation caters to the broadest client base possible, acknowledging the varied schedules of members.
  • Number of Employees: A medium-sized team (6-20) strikes the balance between operational efficiency and maintaining a personalized approach to member service.
  • Financial Requirements: The liquidity requirement ($150,000), investment range ($238,000 - $336,000), and minimum net worth ($250,001 to $500,000) outline the financial groundwork necessary for franchise ownership.
  • Advertising - Local: The guideline of dedicating up to 2% of Gross Sales or up to $3,000 per month to local advertising empowers franchisees to effectively engage with their local communities.
  • Passive Ownership: The model supports semi-passive ownership after the first year, provided the owner actively engages in the critical initial stages of the franchise, setting a strong foundation for the business.

Working with an FBA Franchise Broker can offer deeper insights, personalized advice, and guidance through the decision-making process, ensuring potential franchisees are well-informed and prepared for the journey ahead.


Here's the Takeaway on The Camp

There’s a lot of information in this article, thanks to a highly informative Discovery Day – thank you Camp Corporate for making it possible! 

But as you reflect on the brand and consider the opportunity presented to you, remember The Camp’s philosophy. "Fitness is just our product, helping and serving people... that's our business."

If this sounds like a passion project you'd like to take on – let us introduce you.

It might be the decision that transforms your life.

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