Medical Staffing Consultants Business Model Shows Proven Success

Medical Staffing Consultants


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For Entrepreneurs Looking to Be in Business for Themselves, But Not By Themselves, Medical Staffing Consultants Might Be the Perfect Choice.

 If there was ever an industry that has proven to be recession-resistant, or more recently, pandemic-resistant, it is the healthcare industry.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2013, there was a shortfall of 7.2 million healthcare workers across the globe and that number is projected to reach 12.9 million by 2035.  This is what keeps Medical Staffing Consultants’ (MSC) independent business owners happily growing year after year!

Dr. Jason Meyer, Medical Staffing Consultants Owner & CEO, shared that government and academic studies project continued increases of healthcare worker shortages for the next 20+ years. MSC owners are already assisting nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living centers, and sixty other types of healthcare organizations to meet their needs for nurses, doctors, and over 100 other types of healthcare professionals. This is what has led to MSC’s explosive growth of over 250 independent business owners within their system since 2003. 

So Why Medical Staffing Consultants?

 First, we must share that Medical Staffing Consultants is NOT a franchise.  MSC owners are free to operate their own businesses without excessive restrictions, royalties, or long-term contracts. 100% of the profits stay with the owners. So now you might be asking yourself, what the investment will get you if it is not a franchise system. We’re glad you asked!

MSC is a full-service consulting organization whose sole purpose is to provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to establish, launch, operate, and grow a successful medical staffing and recruitment company. MSC’s services are more comprehensive and less expensive than medical staffing franchises. The MSC team of industry experts assists owners from the start: from pre-opening of the business, providing individualized training, to offering ongoing support and advice after training. This is where being in business for yourself, but not by yourself, truly comes to life.

MSC also offers three major profit streams in the recruitment business: medical staffing, permanent placement, and also, travel staffing that traditionally will have 13-week assignments and can be renewed if desired and warranted. The growth opportunities are truly endless.

MSC has developed a differentiated business model given it…

  1. Is NOT a franchise.  Owners are free to operate their businesses without territory restrictions, royalties, or long-term contracts. 100% of the profits go directly to the business owner.
  2. Has high profit margins.  Net profit margins can be as high as 18% for temporary staffing and 85% for permanent placement.  Break-even is possible in just a few months.
  3. Has no territory restrictions. You can start and operate your business anywhere in the United States and service the entire US from one location. You can relocate anywhere!
  4. Allows semi-absentee ownership. Whether you desire to be an owner-operator or build a business on the side with a manager in place, that is your decision to make.
  5. Has proprietary systems and techniques in place. MSC offers comprehensive recruitment resources and strategies for all its owners.
  6. Requires no healthcare background. Most of the 250+ owners in the system do not have experience in either the personnel or healthcare industries. Owners come from diverse backgrounds and excel in the business by following MSC’s turnkey model for success.
  7. Is a recession-resistant/high growth industry. As mentioned above, there is a shortage of healthcare workers, and the demand for healthcare workers will only increase.
  8. Has minimal barriers to entry. Owners can start small as owner/operators and hire one internal employee. The business can scale quickly as the database of healthcare professionals and clients grows.

Requirements for Success

The total investment range with MSC’s one-time fee, and suggested working capital, is $100,000 – $200,000.  The business can be quite profitable by the end of year one. 

If you have excellent communication skills, have skills in operations, or both this can be a great opportunity for you. MSC will help you identify and hire at least one other internal employee who possesses at least one of these skills. You don’t not have to have any prior experience in human resources or the medical field. If you follow our model, work hard, and use all of MSC’s services, resources, and advice, a medical staffing and recruitment business can work for you as ownership or as an investment. We encourage you to take just a few minutes to speak with one of MSC’s representatives just once, for an exploratory phone call.

If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to start a Medical Staffing and Recruitment company, please contact Medical Staffing Consultants at: or via phone at: 631-598-5529. You can also visit our website. You may be surprised that 95% of MSC’s 250+ owners never thought this would be a business that would interest them. 

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