New Unit of Footprints Floors Coming to Dallas, Texas


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1 Unit Sold
Dallas, Texas
FBA Broker: Lisa Welko

Music Management Background Lays Foundation for New Franchise Owner 

FBA Broker Lisa Welko knows GOOD franchises. With her client’s unique background as a music manager and a recruiter, Lisa knew she had to find a franchise that could capitalize on these skills. We had a conversation with Lisa about this recent sale to hear her perspective. 

What made you think of showing the concept to your client?

“My client was great on the phone! She was very friendly, personable, and wasn’t afraid to sell. She was looking for a business with a low investment and wanted to cash flow quickly so I felt that Footprints Floors would be a great fit.”

What was your client’s background?

“She actually comes from a very interesting background being a recruiter and then more recently, a music manager. I know these backgrounds sound unrelated to Footprints Floors but the way I saw it, she was used to being a “middle man” as both a recruiter and a talent manager so I felt she had perfect experience for the role of a Footprints Floors Owner.”

What was the turning point in the process that made your client want to fully commit to Footprints Floors?

“She loved the entire process and felt that every step of the way she was getting the answers and information she needed to move forward. I believe she was pretty sold on the concept by call 3 or 4, definitely before attending Discovery Day.”

What do you personally like about Footprints Floors?

“I love the transparency and organization of the education process. Sometimes brands are too rigid in the process and won’t answer certain questions until a specific call but Development Director, Brian Knuth always gave my client the answers to her questions as she asked them. I believe the more transparent a brand can be the better. I also enjoyed placing a woman in a male-dominated industry because there is no reason a woman could not be a successful Footprints Floors Franchise Owner!”

Leading clients to success

With 20 years of business ownership experience, and over 15 years of franchise experience, Lisa Welko takes pride in the hundreds of satisfied customers she has worked with. She values the importance of taking time to fully understand a person’s background, skill set, and history to find the right franchise opportunity for each individual client. Whether you’re a corporate executive looking to start your own business or a budding entrepreneur, she can help you discover an opportunity for success!

To learn more about Footprints Floors, visit their website here.

FBA Broker: Lisa Welko

Contact: Brian Knuth

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