People Among Us: The Spirit Behind FBA’s Event Planner


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If you’ve read our article on FBA’s People Among Us and why we launched an initiative to get you familiar with our team (beyond the boardroom), then you must be eager to read our first official feature on Brianna LaCaruba – or as you may know her, Bri!

But before we get into it and celebrate our well-deserving Event Planner, here’s a little background…

We chose Bri for our first feature because she won May’s Employee of the Month award. This was around the time Marketing was brainstorming ways to get our members more “in the know” about what we’ve been up to here in our Orlando HQ. Again, check out our other article for more details on this launch. 

In the month of May, Bri was praised for her phenomenal delivery of our former virtual P.E.A.K. 2023 event. In fact, the buzz for this event was so loud that we had to turn away several franchisors as spots were overflowing! Don’t worry, these Zors still got their spotlight, thanks to the many webinars and Membership Mixers that she also helps facilitate!

But that’s not necessarily the point of this article.

The point is to look at FBA’s team through a new lens. To do this, we asked the question, “who is Bri outside of her role at FBA?”

Let’s jump to the beginning. And no, not the very beginning of her story – circa 1996 in Mount Kisco, New York. The beginning meaning when her love for events blossomed. 

Bri Before FBA

Back when she was studying at the University of Florida (not to be confused with FSU… oops), she became involved with the City of Gainesville. From contributing to many local festivals and art shows to the intimate settings of weddings, bachelorette parties, baby showers, bar mitzvahs, and beyond – Bri found her passion. And aren’t we all so lucky she did.

However, just as all things in college come to evolve, Bri was finding herself searching for a new challenge! She thought, “what would it be like to plan something BIG?” 

Say… an annual Conference for the Franchise Brokers Association?! 

So after leaving Gainesville and making Orlando, FL her home, Bri found another home at FBA! Speaking of which, let’s fire off some fun facts about Bri excluding the 9 to 5…

Did you know?!

  • She is 1 of 5 siblings! (Would you guess she’s a middle child?)
  • Bri identifies as “NOT a city girl.” She loves living out in nature!
  • In fact, she is in the process of building her first home (BY HAND). 
  • Cat conversations are always welcomed. Ask her about Figg and Marmalade.
  • Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef has been one of her fondest memories.
  • Her big bucket list item is swimming with whale sharks for her 30th birthday!

Of course the list could go on and on, but what Bri really wants you to know is that she’s a people person who values the art of bringing people together – that includes family, friends, and networks big and small…and planning events that radiate true joy.

If you’ve attended any of our events–including our online webinars and mixers–you likely have felt that radiant energy (and heard those inspiring intros!) The chances you’ve spoken to her personally is also pretty high. Bri takes an “anti-sales” approach when it comes to recruiting people to events. When talking about her strategies for successful events, she said how important she feels it is to connect with people past the surface – to really get to know our members and what’s going on in their lives.

This is the interconnected community we are constantly striving to maintain! Bri does this effortlessly.

Connect with our Community

So if you’re reading this, feel free to reach out to her directly. Strike up a conversation (bonus points if you mention her cats), give her feedback on events, and get connected with what’s coming up! Bri is constantly looking for members to engage with, because it’s you all who shape our events in the first place.

What is the greatest party in the world without the greatest people?

(Don’t answer that.)

So, do you feel like you know FBA’s Event Planner, Brianna LaCaruba, a bit better now? 

She’s creative, she brings our team together, and she inspires us all – not just because it’s her job but because she truly cares. That is her difference, and we want to thank her so much for being Bri.

You can send her some love, light, and (hopefully) and little laughter over at b.lacaruba@franchiseba.com.

And/Or you can make her day by registering for our annual Conference, Beyond Limits 2023!

Link to register for FBCE 2023: https://franchisebce.com/registration/!

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