New Unit of Property Management Inc. Coming to Colorado


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1 Unit Sold
FBA Broker:  Adrienne Leigh

Lay Off Leads to New Business Ownership

After years working as a VP of retail sales, Stuart found himself laid off from his job. His wife Shaylee, who is an attorney and real estate agent, decided it was time to channel the entrepreneurial spirit of their family, and take their future into their own hands. As a Greek immigrant and proclaimed “serial entrepreneur,” Shaylee’s father owned restaurants, rental properties, and gas stations after coming to America years prior. This inspired the couple to begin their own entrepreneurial journey, leading them to explore franchising. 

With long-term equity as a focus, they connected with FBA Broker Adrienne Leigh to help guide them through the discovery and purchase process. Adrienne learned that Property Management Inc. was a solid fit for what they were looking for, and a GOOD franchise that would meet their needs. 

“They were a delight to work with!” Adrienne said. “They took the ball and ran with it, encountering no funding issues.”

Not only did they move forward with purchasing one unit of Property Management Inc., they also purchased a fiduciary services firm in the same week, which they felt would compliment each of the businesses. Together, they are on their way to a bright, successful future. 

Providing Success Through 4 Pillars 

Founded in 2008, Property Management Inc. is a rapidly growing franchise that provides expert property management services and solutions across 4 pillars: residential, commercial, association and short-term rental management. 

“I really like the 4 pillars concept,” said Adrienne. “Property management of full-time rental properties is one, but then there is also short-term rental management, HOAs, and commercial properties. All together it gives people a lot more options.” 

Using these pillars, owners are provided with service options that are unmatched in the industry, and help build value. Property Management Inc has helped guide hundreds of property managers to realize their dream of successful business ownership. 

300 Franchises Across the Country

Property Management Inc is excited to announce that they reached their 300th franchise this week, by closing this deal between franchise developer James Butler and FBA broker Adrienne Leigh. They were also ranked in the Franchise 500 by Entrepreneur Magazine, along with being recognized as a Top Franchise for Veterans. 

To learn more about Property Management Inc. check out their website here.

FBA Broker: Adrienne Leigh

Franchise Contact: James Butler

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