Real Property Management Expands to Three Florida Counties

Real Property Management Expands


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FBA Broker: Marc Camras

Franchisee Moves from Canada to Florida with Success in Mind

Real Property Management Expands

From the beginning FBA Broker, Marc Camras, worked with new franchisee, Cesare, to determine which franchise would be the best fit for him. Cesare, is a Canadian master electrician who wanted to be self-employed. He is determined when it comes to business and says customer satisfaction is the key to success. He believes in committing to a project and following through until the customer is happy. Maintaining customer success does not always come easy, though, and some challenges Cesare has faced in the past include finding qualified techs to hire, keeping up with demand, and facing competitors in his industry. To manage these challenges, Cesare focused on his future plans of finding a warmer climate to relocate to where he could find a franchise that would allow him to build a business he would be able to pass on to his children when he retires.

Cesare’s wife, Adriana, also shares similar ambitions in that she wants to build a business her children can take over. The couple worked together in the past as Adriana offered office support at Cesare’s previous business, and Adriana has always wanted to be involved in real estate. Marc knew that Cesare and Adriana’s combined aspirations made Real Property Management feel like the perfect fit.

Cesare is an E-2 Visa candidate who purchased Real Property Management franchises in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties in the State of Florida.  Cesare and his wife plan to open 2 to 3 Real Property Management franchises in Florida over the next 5 to 10 years.

Franchising with Real Property Management

Real Property Management makes their franchisees feel prepared to enter the business world from the start, regardless of their experience level. The company gives franchisees everything they need to feel prepared as a successful business owner from comprehensive training and expert support to professional marketing and innovative operating systems. Franchisees will also experience an 8 week onboarding process where they learn business set-up.

Real Property Management Expands

Home ownership is declining, making property management a growing industry that feels safe to enter. Real Property Management offers franchisees stable revenue regardless of external economic factors or the housing market, and you don’t need any experience in the property management industry to franchise with the company. Franchising with Real Property Management means you are never in business by yourself. Franchisees are supported every step of the way with access to a library of resources and annual conferences.

To find out more about Real Property Management, check out their website here.

FBA Broker: Marc Camras
(760) 230-2827

Franchise Contact: Dan Glaser
(254) 759-5823

Real Property Management:

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