Smash My Trash Awards Two New Territories in Cleveland, Ohio

Smash My Trash


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2 Units Sold
Cleveland, OH
FBA Broker:  Bill Eastin

Successful Retail Career Leads to Franchise Purchase

Starting at store level and eventually working his way up to corporate headquarters, Eric has worked more than 30 years in retail with Abercrombie & Fitch.  In the late 90’s, he identified the growing opportunity for e-commerce, leading him to head this division for A&F. After growing revenue to over $250 million, Eric was recruited to work with Express. With the knowledge from his past experiences, he launched and grew their e-commerce business to similar impressive levels. 

In August of 2020, Eric decided he was sick of corporate America and was ready to begin his own journey. FBA Broker Bill Eastin knew with his client’s successful background in sales, he would be a great fit for Smash My Trash.

Smash My Trash Sales are a Smashing Success

Bill took the time to guide Eric through the franchise buying process, utilizing FBA’s tools and tips to help him find a GOOD franchise. Eric purchased 2 units of Smash My Trash in Cleveland, Ohio, and has achieved great success already.

Franchise FastLane is smashing records selling over 450 territories in 2020 with Smash My Trash. This brand is disrupting the commercial waste industry while providing an opportunity that candidates are excited about from the beginning.

Congratulations to Bill Eastin, as well as Don Tarinelli & Jen Cain of Franchise FastLane on another successful deal!

To learn more about franchise opportunities with Smash My Trash, visit their website.

FBA Broker: Bill Eastin

Franchise Contact: Don Tarinelli

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Note: We use the term “Franchise Broker” because it is the legal term for our profession. Others in the industry use “Franchise Consultants” which they self-define. We choose to use the legal term as we feel it’s more appropriate and clear. Consultants typically charge for services. Franchise Brokers are paid by the Seller, not the Buyer. There is no charge to the Buyer for our Franchise Broker services.


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