HomeWell Provides Community Care with Scalable Business Model


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1 Unit Sold
Cypress, TX
FBA Broker:  John Anderson

An Essential Franchise System with a Family Feel 

Dallas and Elysa began looking at franchises in 2019, but since they had just gotten married, were waiting until the right time in their lives to move forward with a new venture. FBA Broker John Anderson had been working with them from the beginning, and when the time was right, was ready to dive into opportunities to fit their future. 

“As they began looking at their future, they found franchising as a way to grow independence and financial freedom,” John said. 

The couple was looking for an essential business model that gave back to the community, and when John presented HomeWell, they all recognized that it had the potential to be a solid fit. With Dallas’ background in medical sales, and Elysa’s background in finance, the combination of their skills made a great match for HomeWell’s business model

“Both are skilled managers and good with people,” John said. ”Elysa wanted to go full time with HomeWell, and her passion for helping others was a driver. Of course, it didn’t hurt that as a finance person she quickly got the business potential.” 

“My candidates were looking for an essential business that could scale and the investment level was a perfect fit,” John said. “They recognized the need for care, and loved that they’d help people in building a business.”

The couple immediately recognized the need for at-home care for seniors, and learned that the territory within Cypress Hill, Texas was available – and ready to scale. 

An Essential Business in a Growing Market

With senior care one of the fastest growing markets in the U.S., there is a strong need for in-home care throughout the country. An astounding $522 billion a year goes to the home healthcare industry in order to provide necessary care for aging adults. HomeWell believes that “people come first”, and works to bring together healthcare, family, and other community providers that are necessary in a loved one’s life as they age. 

“The HomeWell Team is very grateful for the recent referral that resulted in a successful placement by FBA Consultant, John Anderson,” said Kristina McGarvey. “These candidates were well educated on franchising, qualified financially, and a terrific fit for our brand.”

HomeWell provides three levels of care to those in need, including companion care, basic care, and specialty care, such as for individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The franchise takes a proactive approach to care, including training caregivers to at the highest level to provide clients with reliable care and a culture that prioritizes peace of mind.

The HomeWell Franchise Difference 

HomeWell provides new franchisees support through in-depth training and learning their territory in order to grow their client base. Many HomeWell franchise owners do not have a background in the healthcare industry, however experience in business management, with a desire to succeed, are proven attributes to a success franchise experience. HomeWell focuses on open communication from the CEO to each franchise’s caregivers, so that franchisees can feel confident as they provide their communities with compassionate service, that is so needed as our population grows. 

“As a consultant, the combination of established, ‘grown up if you will’ systems, support and branding with that family feel and mobility of a smaller brand is my perfect world. Of course, the team at HomeWell is very good at moving candidates through the process, communicating and ultimately closing.”

“I also love that HomeWell has established proven systems for onboarding, training, marketing and ongoing operations,” said John. “HomeWell also has a ‘family’ feel that I love, and that is much more rare with home care franchises.” 

To learn more about HomeWell check out their website here.

FBA Broker: John Anderson

Franchise Contact: Kristina McGarvey

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