Real Property Management Welcomes Retired Veteran Franchisee

Retired Veteran


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1 Unit Sold
FBA Broker: Jane Stein

FBA Broker Advises Her Client to Stay In Touch With His Goals

Retired Veteran

Real Property Management’s new franchisee, Jaime, is a retired U.S. Air Force and Coast Guard veteran with a strong background in finance after working as a military intelligence and budget officer. After retiring, Jaime knew he wanted to pursue franchise ownership, but initially struggled to find the perfect fit. As someone who loves cars, Jaime originally planned to franchise with Grease Monkey, but soon realized this franchise did not align with his budget or his long-term goals. Jaime is process-oriented and likes to work at his own pace, so he knew he needed to find a franchise that would not only suit his interests, but also his personality. After taking some assessments, Jaime concluded that he would be best suited for a small yet professional franchise that allowed him to set his own hours.

Jaime was passionate about building his real estate portfolio regardless of the franchise he chose. Feeling unsure about where to franchise, Jaime sought out FBA Broker and military non-profit mentor Jane Stein. Jane advised Jaime to reflect and look within to determine what qualities he was looking for in a franchise, and he decided that Real Property Management was the franchise he had been looking for as it aligned with his goal of pursuing real estate. Jaime is looking forward to opening his franchise this fall after earning his real estate license!

Jane says she believes Jaime’s personality and professional background will help him achieve success with his new franchise. Property management is all about system processes and checklists, making Real Property Management Jaime’s ideal fit.

Real Success: The Real Property Management Franchise Experience  

Real Property Management stood out to Jaime when they allowed him to take his time in making the final decision to close the deal. Other franchises Jaime considered wanted to get through the process quickly, but as a deep thinker, Jaime knew Real Property Management was the right fit when they gave him all the time he needed. Real Property Management puts their franchisees first by giving them all the tools they need to succeed. Comprehensive training, expert support, and preferential pricing are just some of the benefits franchisees experience when starting out with Real Property Management.

Retired Veteran

Property management is a growing industry as home ownership is declining, making it a great time to franchise with Real Property Management. Plus, with Real Property Management, franchisees do not need to have any prior experience in real estate or property management. Franchisees receive support and guidance through the entire process of starting their franchise, which makes Real Property Management the perfect place to start out!

To find out more about Real Property Management, check out their website here.

FBA Broker: Jane Stein
(303) 449-1050

Franchise Contact: Dan Glaser
(254) 759-5823

Real Property Management:

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Note: We use the term “Franchise Broker” because it is the legal term for our profession. Others in the industry use “Franchise Consultants” which they self-define. We choose to use the legal term as we feel it’s more appropriate and clear. Consultants typically charge for services. Franchise Brokers are paid by the Seller, not the Buyer. There is no charge to the Buyer for our Franchise Broker services.


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