The Grounds Guys Grows in North Carolina

Franchise Grows


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1 Unit Sold
North Carolina
FBA Broker: Matt Lucas

Employee-First Franchisee Ready to Work With The Grounds Guys

The Grounds Guys’ new franchisee, Allen Hernandez, gained experience as a leader while working as the Operations Manager of Accumed Fulfillment in Pineville, North Carolina. Allen has a degree in Business Management from Golden West College, and he has worked in operations management for most of his life. This is why Allen was interested in opening up his own franchise with The Grounds Guys; he liked the company’s reputation of success and the care they demonstrate for their employees. As an operations manager, Allen had a critical role in not only the future of the company, but also the futures of the employees he worked with, so he is prepared to help others succeed. He plans to bring this mindset to his franchise, as one of his strengths is building trust between employees and the company. 

Allen says he is ready to work towards a better future for his family by opening his franchise. Although Allen is facing some difficulties finding labor and drivers for his franchise, his family helps him stay motivated. When making business decisions, Allen is encouraged by his wife and daughter. Allen is eager to open his franchise with The Grounds Guys and says he is interested in buying a total of 4 locations within the next 4 years.

Why Franchise With The Grounds Guys?  

The Grounds Guys is an award-winning landscaping franchise for good reason. Franchisees with the company experience many benefits including achieving their desired work-life balance, extensive training, recurring revenue, and becoming a part of the Neighborly brands family. This opportunity gives franchisees the chance to expand their network, on both a professional and personal level. Franchisees will get to know coworkers and members of the local community based on the nature of the brand.

New franchisees with The Grounds Guys can expect to feel supported and thoroughly trained. Franchisees are trained in not only day-to-day operations, but also team development, investments and finance management, marketing, plus business culture. The Grounds Guys looks for franchisees who aim for success. The right franchisee will maintain professionalism and help the brand upkeep their strong brand recognition. Being financially responsible and having the ability to offer great customer service are also two strengths the Grounds Guys looks for in their franchisees. With over 500 available territories, aspiring franchisees are sure to find The Grounds Guys location that is the right fit for them and their business goals.

To find out more about The Grounds Guys, check out their website here.

FBA Broker: Matt Lucas
(270) 215-2844

Franchise Contact: Pat Hyland
(254) 745-2554

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