Announcing FBA's Technology Partnership with MaaS Pros

FBA and MaaS Pros Partnership Announcement


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2015 has been a transformative year for the FBA. We have never stopped moving and we’ve never looked back. We are on a mission to provide the best support and the best tools, and to change what it means to be a Franchise Consultant. It’s been an amazing journey and we couldn’t be more proud and excited about what’s to come.

Over the coming weeks, as we get closer to our 7th Annual Conference, we are excited to begin unveiling several new perks and upgrades we have been working on.

So that we can keep our focus on solely on our company’s mission, the FBA is proud to announce that we have partnered with MaaS Pros. The MaaS Pros team is comprised of design experts specializing in UX (user experience), software engineers, and online marketing experts. Since 2008, they have built a global presence through their Franchisees and Licensees across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, UAE, and Australia.
Through this partnership we will be able to exponentially expand the solutions we can provide to ALL our members.  I’ll be sharing each of these solutions in detail through the our blog so make sure you’re tuned in.
One piece of news that our Consultants will be extremely excited to know about is that we are adding a powerful new CRM, called TieiT, into their membership. The FBA has been working closely with MaaS Pros to integrate this CRM with our website and each of the brokers’ own websites.
TieiT will give our clients the ability to manage their leads, market their business, and invoice their clients in one integrated system. We know how busy the day of an Entrepreneur can be and TieiT will help our Consultants to streamline their day and leverage their past and current leads to increase sales.
Lead import, calendar management, daily tasks, email campaigns, marketing, SMS, automation, invoicing & estimating are at your fingertips…and the best part is…that this is just the beginning.
The new system will be available now for any new trainees from FTI classes.
Existing members of the FBA will be able to access the new system in 2016.
Features available through TieiT


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