New Business Partner for Valenta is a Well-Rounded Leader

Business Franchisee


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10 Units Sold
USA, Mid Atlantic
FBA Broker: Jeremy Bollington

No Stranger to Leadership and Transformation

Kishore Siva, owner of a successful consulting firm, is no stranger to business leadership and transformation. As a founding partner at his consulting firm, Kishore provides subject matter expertise on business acquisition and financial services to executives and entrepreneurs in the Mid-Atlantic region. Since joining Valenta Franchise as a Managing Director in 2020, Kishore has been on the front lines in building the U.S. side of the business, helping team members succeed and ensuring their customers walk away happy.

Kishore’s knowledge and expertise in the field of customer experience comes from more than 25 years of filling leadership roles in the financial services sector, including working as Head of the Group Head of Customer Experience at HSBC, where he built a Global Customer Experience organization. As the Executive VP and Head of Wholesale Customer Excellence at Wells Fargo, Kishore built customer and employee experience organizations for the bank’s non-consumer business lines.

It’s Kishore’s interest in helping businesses improve their processes and efficiencies across operations that led him to partner with Valenta Franchise. He brings his vast understanding of the customer experience to leadership teams across industry verticals. He also brings his years of experience to Valenta Franchise, where he continues to learn, grow, teach, and transform as he helps companies streamline and scale with ease while maintaining excellent customer relations. Kishore enjoys regular speaking engagements at conferences across the U.S. and Europe and has served as a panelist at professional seminars at NYU and Columbia University.

Recently, Kishore was interviewed about his illustrious past, why he chose Valenta Franchise, what he’s learned about what it takes to succeed in business—and the importance of loving what you do.

Business Franchisee

Why Valenta BPO?

When we asked Kishore why he chose Valenta Franchise, he said he admired Valenta’s mission to help companies be more efficient and effective in the way they operate. Kishore spent 25 years in banking helping companies do exactly this for the majority of his career, and later moved on  to build Customer Excellence organizations. Working with Valenta Franchise allows him to continue to pursue his passion of focusing on the customer, while also learning how to learn a whole new array of tools Valenta Franchise offers.

The Most Important Advisor

Next, we asked Kishore about his most important advisor. Kishore explained that his wife and two sons help guide him in his work. He said that if he can explain Valenta’s services to his 12 and 6-year-old sons in a way they can understand, he knows he is ready to speak with clients.

Business Advice

We also asked Kishore about the best business advice he received, to which he responded, “Have a positive attitude, treat everyone you work with well by putting yourself in their shoes, and work hard. If you do these 3 things consistently, you will ultimately have success.” Some of Kishore’s tips about getting the most out of business include, being proactive, being comfortable with ambiguity, and using your new business as a way to connect with old friends and colleagues.

Kishore says that while the transition to entrepreneurship provides a lot of freedom and flexibility, it is critical not to sit back and wait for an opportunity. Not every business decision will be black or white. That’s where the opportunity to learn comes from and you never know who may turn out to be a great prospect or referral source. Kishore also stresses the importance of having fun. Starting a business is hard work, but enjoying the work you do is essential. Kishore says it’s important to be willing to try things that are new and uncomfortable, and always look to learn from every interaction.

The Perfect Pair

Lastly, we asked Kishore how he ended up finding the Valenta Franchise. I was fortunate to work with an outstanding FBA broker, Jeremy Bollington, who I knew from our days in banking. Jeremy took the time to understand what I was looking for (and not looking for). He then introduced me to several terrific concepts. Ultimately, Valenta Franchise was the one that resonated most with me, given that they served the same type of clients I worked with within banking. I also welcomed the opportunity to build and lead a team as an Area Representative / Managing Director, and be a part of the leadership team. I would not have found Valenta if not for Jeremy, and very much appreciate his professionalism and support. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a franchise opportunity.

To find out more about Valenta Franchise, check out their website here.

FBA Broker: Jeremy Bollington
(973) 908-1807

Business Partner

Franchise Contact: Howard Barouxis
(413) 531-1881

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