Fastest Labs to Open in North Arlington

Franchisee Experiences


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1 Unit Sold
North Arlington, TX
FBA Broker: Rich Ashe

New Franchisee Experiences the Fastest Labs Difference 

Fastest Labs welcomes their new franchisee, Ayub, to North Arlington, Texas. Ayub is a United States Air Force Veteran, and for the past 19 years he has worked as a financial analyst at AT&T. After gaining experience in the business world, Ayub decided he was ready to start his own business. He spent years searching for the right company to franchise with until he found Fastest Labs, a fast growing drug, alcohol, and DNA testing lab franchise.

Franchisee Experiences

Ayub was attracted to Fastest Labs because of their proprietary awareness software that allows them to provide customers with the fastest lab results and the shortest wait times possible. Ayub also admired Fastest Labs’ sales system and the support he would receive from their home office. Although Ayub felt sure about his decision to franchise with Fastest Labs, he wasn’t able to immediately purchase his territory. Ayub faced challenges with funding from the VA, then struggled to find a fitting office space for his new franchise. Fastest Labs worked with Ayub because of his unique situation, and he was able to experience a modified onboarding process that allowed him to receive the funding he needed. Ayub’s discipline and analytical mind will help him achieve success with Fastest Labs, and he looks forward to opening his location in North Arlington.

Ayub’s franchising process was made easier with help from FBA broker Rich Ashe. FBA looks for individuals that have strong sales and marketing skills who are ready to work full time as the owner and operator of their own business. Rich is described as an “absolute professional,” and Fastest Labs is eager to work with his amazing referral, Ayub.

Franchising with Fastest Labs 

Drug testing is a $1.5 billion industry, and Fastest Labs ensures its franchisees are prepared for success when they open their business. Some of the benefits to joining Fastest Labs include low operating costs, ongoing support from the team, low initial investment, competitive advantages, and a spot in an expanding marketplace.

Franchisee Experiences

With franchise opportunities in almost all 50 states, there is plenty of room to grow with Fastest Labs. To become a franchise owner, candidates should pre-qualify to complete a franchise application and review their Franchise Disclosure Document. After a full Q&A, franchisees will await a territory demographics review and fly to San Antonio, Texas to meet the Fastest Labs team. Next, franchise owners get approved for their territory and attend a week-long training to prepare for their opening. Throughout this process, franchisees receive support from the team to ensure their franchising experience runs smoothly.

To find out more about Fastest Labs, check out their website here.

Franchise Broker

FBA Broker: Rich Ashe
(713) 849-9642


Franchise Contact: Derek Drozd
(210) 641-2058

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