FBA Brokers Help Bring 6 New Units of Scenthound to Colorado and Georgia


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6 Units Sold
Colorado & Georgia
FBA Brokers: Matt Lucas and Corey Elias

Scenthound Deals Closed in Record Time for Passionate Franchisees 

Scenthound, a dog care and grooming company, puts pets and their owners first by prioritizing affordable and accessible dog care. Values such as these would draw any pet lover to the brand, and new franchisees Jim Boswell, Christy Boswell, and Rashaun Forrest are no exception. 

The Boswells were passionate about Scenthound from the beginning of their journey, and their FBA Broker, Matt Lucas, saw them as a great fit as franchise owners. Franchisor Patti Rother says, “Matt was a great partner during the process and helped toward the end when the negotiations were getting tough.” It took a quick 62 days to close the deal, and their storefront will be open for business in just 5 months in Denver, Colorado. 

Meanwhile, another Scenthound deal was closed in just 42 days when FBA Broker Corey Elias worked with new franchisee Rashaun Forrest and his wife, Georgia. Rashaun’s well-experienced background makes him the ideal franchisee. With experience managing his own Amazon company and Quizno’s franchise, Rashaun has the professional background it takes to manage a Scenthound franchise. Rashaun and Georgia are also pet lovers and dog owners, giving them a personal tie to the brand. The couple is set to open 3 new Scenthound franchises in Georgia with the goal of building a legacy for their family. 

Franchise Success in a Prosperous Industry 

Founded in 2005, Scenthound began as a company that strives to make a difference in the pet care industry by providing dogs with not only grooming services, but also essential care. Scenthound breaks the mold of the typical dog grooming service by building loyalty between customers and the brand. They focus on educating their customers about what it takes to care for their pet and provide these owners with a service that works well for their schedules and budget. 

Scenthound’s business model aims to retain customers as a membership-based service, helping the company maintain recurring revenue. The pet care industry is reliable as it is constantly growing. This, paired with Scenthound’s focus on the overall wellness of the animals they work with, makes them a great brand to partner with for prospective franchisees.

To find out more about Scenthound, check out their website here.

FBA Broker: Corey Elias

FBA Broker: Matt Lucas

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