Perfect Franchisees Expand Meineke Thanks to FBA Broker

perfect franchisees


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16 Units Sold
Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI
FBA Broker: Tina Gantz

In the End Ambitious Clients Close Two 8-Unit Deals

Perfect Franchisees

FBA Broker Tina Gantz first began working with her clients in October 2020. Tina describes them as “the perfect clients.” They are financially and experientially qualified, motivated, and focused. They seamlessly followed the franchisee process from start to finish. Tina initially presented her clients with a round of franchise opportunities that was based solely on the business goals her clients had identified. They were excited to see how perfectly Tina had matched potential opportunities to their goals, and they quickly began making franchisor calls. However, they soon realized none of the opportunities felt like the right fit for them.

Tina then went on to find “Round 2” of concept presentations for her clients. This is when she introduced her clients to Meineke Car Care, and they were very excited about the opportunity. The clients closed an 8-unit deal in Chicago, IL at the end of 2020. Tina has kept in touch with her clients, and they have opened 5-6 locations in the first half of 2021.

Perfect Franchisees

The clients are so enthusiastic about the Meineke franchise that they don’t want to stop there; their goal is to have about 20 units. While Tina anticipated that her clients would invest in more units of Meineke, she was thrilled when she received a call from Meineke Development Representative, Devin Hughes, to learn her clients closed another 8-unit deal in Detroit, MI in August 2021. This Meineke deal means success for both the clients and Tina, as Tina received Meineke’s standard commission for additional units purchased in the first year after her clients’ initial investment. Tina says Meineke is great to work with because they kept her in the loop throughout the process and rewarded her for introducing them to such highly-qualified candidates.

Franchise in a Profitable Industry 

Success with Meineke is indisputable given that the brand has 6 consecutive years of sales growth. They also provide franchisees with all the tools they need for success including multi-channel marketing and access to 24/7 training videos, plus in-field coaches. Meineke is also a stable company to franchise with because as long as people have cars, they will need car care. This is an especially good time to get into car care because people are keeping their cars for nearly 6 years, which is longer than the typical average.

Perfect Franchisees

Meineke looks for franchisees that have a net worth of $250,000, liquid assets of $100,000, and a credit score of at least 675. Franchisees should be leaders who are ready to lead a team to success. Meineke gives franchisees the opportunity to get involved in the community and get to know other locals. With over 2,700 locations and many more available territories, Meineke is an ideal franchise partner. 

To find out more about Meineke, check out their website here.

Perfect Franchisees

FBA Broker: Tina Gantz
(703) 582-2555

Perfect Franchisees

Franchise Contact: Devin Hughes
(435) 557-9315

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