The Extra Mile – 2021 Franchise Brokers Conference & GOOD Franchise Expo


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Are You Willing to Give an Extra Mile to Get a More Serious Franchise Buyer?

As professionals, we have an incredible gift of talking ourselves out of giving our goals “our all”.  We talk about the risks, the dangers, the conflicts, we justify, and we can build really awesome stories as to why we can’t do something.  Most people simply give up on themselves and others too early.  They allow themselves to get distracted, demotivated, discouraged and disillusioned with the dream.  Then they let it go like it never was.  

It’s natural.  It’s common.  Everyone does it, but that doesn’t mean everyone should.  I don’t want to be a professional who gives up too early.  I don’t think most people want to be that either.  

Be Open to Change

Well then, what if things were different? What if we worked a little harder, believed a little more and tried a little longer?  What changes would we experience in our companies if we did this?  Who could we become and who could we help others become?  What would happen if you “went the extra mile” for yourself and your franchise buyers?

But what does going the extra mile even mean, really? Well, I’ll tell you.   

What Does Going The Extra Mile Mean?

Going the extra mile means you see and expect the best in others.  You see them as well intentioned, strong, and capable.  You focus on the best characteristics and encourage more of those characteristics to be displayed in their actions.  You highlight their talents and focus on developing them.  

But, it’s not enough to just see the good in them, you have to also expect them to be their best.  That means setting standards in your relationship and interactions whereby you hold them accountable to their highest actions.  When you hold others to high standards, it may surprise you to discover – they will reach to achieve those standards. People want to deliver on others positive expectations of them.  They want to prove them right.  And as a result, you encourage others to give an extra mile of effort because of your extra mile of belief and encouragement in them.   

Going the extra mile means guiding rapid results.  Quick wins equal momentum.  It is imperative that you build quick wins into your strategy with buyers and your business.  This way you build the momentum to make it through the effort associated with something as meaningful and important as finding and growing a business. 

Find Your Next Opportunity

How do you help them build these quick wins?  You have to be looking at the map of the franchises opportunities.  You have to understand the different routes the buyer can take.  As a guide, you need to have a safe and well tested way to handle the dangerous areas and challenges along the tour- in order to help the buyer manage them properly. 

To guide rapid results, you over communicate expectations so they are not surprised along the way and are prepared at each turn.  You let them know the next steps, time tables and how to handle the potential scenarios before they come up.  Preparation and communication makes the challenges easier to resolve quickly. 

Commitment is Key

Going the extra mile means committing to doing GOOD in the franchise award process.  Doing GOOD is not easy.  It takes more discipline, more self control, more understanding, and more emotional strength.  Let’s be honest, it is harder work.  It is.  But we have to be the force in franchising that is willing to take that on.  We have to be the group who says we are willing to take on the extra and in doing so we actually do this business with integrity and the best results for all involved.  

In a world where it is so easy to give up, we want to encourage you to take another route.  Try the approach of going the extra mile instead.  See what it means, to put your all into something.  Show others how to do the same.  The experience of watching someone become an extra mile person has got to be one of the most rewarding experiences to witness.  

Go The Extra Mile!

If you want to commit to going the extra mile for yourself and others, register today for the upcoming Franchise Brokers Conference and GOOD Franchise Expo.  This event will show you the way to becoming an extra mile person. 

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