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Franchise Filming


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How Video Content Helps Portray Success

Franchise Filming

Videos are a fantastic method to interact with customers and offer social proof in order to make B2B and B2C sales. Neighborly, Google, Home Depot, Batteries Plus, and Fast Signs employ FranchiseFilming to create these inspirational unscripted films. With a National VIP Membership, franchisees may collaborate with FranchiseFilming without having to hire an internal or local single videographer who will charge travel expenses and take months to make a single video. Franchisors will receive inspiring, genuine “day in the life” videos of successful franchisees as part of FranchiseFilming, which will help them promote franchise development. FranchiseFilming strives to capture actual-life, candid stories about a franchise’s triumphs, life at home, and how their quality of life improved owing to being a franchisee.

Batteries Plus Franchisee Story – Captured by FranchiseFilming: See how CorporateFilming also brought Batteries Plus’s brand alive here.

FranchiseFilming can also (in the same day) film and interview happy employees for a recruitment video and happy customers for B2C videos.

FranchiseFilming Saves Brands Time & Resources

Neighborly came across FranchiseFilming at the 2020 IFA conference, and since then has worked with the brand to create franchise marketing videos that highlight their brand’s presidents. FranchiseFilming traveled to the Neighborly office in Waco, Texas to film some of their franchise owners. FranchiseFilming continued to travel and film for the brand, capturing the daily life and happiness that comes with owning a Neighborly franchise. By using FranchiseFilming, Neighborly obtained videos produced speedily and with no hidden expenses, and it took only 10 days for the video to be completed. Rather than hiring a local freelancer who would have charged more and taken longer to make the film, Neighborly benefited from the FranchiseFilming difference.

Neighborly asked FranchiseFilming to make a video with their Five Star Painting Brand President and utilized it on their website here.

Fast Signs Showcases Franchisee and Customer Success  

Fast Signs is another brand that enjoyed the experience of working with FranchiseFilming, and the two brands connected at the IFA 2020 conference. With FranchiseFilming, Fast Signs was able to create videos that showcased not only franchisee success, but customer success as well. FranchiseFilming traveled to Illinois, Texas, Virginia, Alabama, and Long Beach to film with the brand. They captured content focused on the daily life of a franchise owner and the work they do in-office, then filmed franchise owners interacting with their customers. The product of this was inspiring videos that help sell Fast Signs on a national level. 

Check out the video they made for Fast Signs here.

Franchise Filming Captures Candid Content for Batteries Plus

Franchise Filming began working with Batteries Plus after attending their discovery day and training events. Franchise owners are all in one place on these days, making it the ideal time for Franchise Filming to create content about how this brand helps customers achieve success. Rather than filming scripted videos of the franchise owners, FranchiseFilming went inside these events gathering sound bites and filming clips about the life and work of a Batteries Plus franchise owner. This is when the best videos are created because Franchise Filming is able to help the brand portray real emotions and experiences in their videos. After working with FranchiseFilming, Batteries Plus Franchise Development Director Joe Malmuth says, “You guys nailed it…It was exactly what I wanted.”

See our videos on Batteries Plus’s official website here.

To learn more about how Franchise Filming can help your company succeed, visit their website.

Franchise Filming

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